10 Adventure activities near Perth

Here are the best 10 adventure activities near Perth: 

Abseiling Mountain Quarry

Enjoy an adrenaline filled day of abseiling in Mountain Quarry. Mount Quarry also has many rock faces that have both top and bottom access making them ideal for people wanting to abseil and not climb. Climbing can start at the top of a crag and climbers will abseil to descend to the base of the route ready to start the rock climb back up to the top.

Learning to Surf

These lessons will also take you through oceanic understanding, surf safety, and surfing practice. All lessons are conducted in a secure and controlled environment. Therefore, the class the faultless way to ease you into the sport of surfing.

Rottnest Escapade

Arrive on Rottnest and jump aboard for an adventure of a lifetime as you take a ninety-minute journey to explore Rottnest Island. The Eco or Rottnest Express completes a full navigation of the island, giving passengers a memorable up-close encounter with the island’s rugged coastline and copious wildlife, including seals and humpback whales, during the seasonal migration.

Treetop Climbing

The park features a number of exciting and challenging obstacle courses high up in the tree canopy that will have you swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the forest allowing thrill seekers and nature enthusiasts to experience the trees like never before. 

As rewarding as these experiences are, getting off the ground and into the crown of a tree, you will rediscover the energy and positive outlook you had as a kid.

Coasteering at Canal Rocks

Coasteering is a blend of rock-hopping, shore-scrambling, swell-riding, and rock jumping for the ultimate aquatic adventure. You’ll discover wildlife and beautiful scenery too! You can explore the remote coastline of Yallingup, a secluded granite coast area that is both safe and challenging. Depending on the season, see whales, sea lions, and stingrays. 

Kayak Margaret River & Mountain Bike

Take an off-road adventure deep into Boranup Forest to discover the towering Karri trees before jumping onto mountain bikes to explore the forest trails. The journey towards the Blackwood River National Park. Take a double kayak before paddling upstream to immerse in the tranquillity as native wildlife entertains both in the sky and below in the water. 

Sandboarding at the Pinnacles Desert

Discover kangaroos and koalas at Caversham Wildlife Park, and learn about the local lobster industry with a visit to the lobster plant. Take a walk through the landscape of the Pinnacles Desert, and get your adrenaline pumping as you speed through the sand dunes of Lancelin on sand boarding and take a 4WD adventure.

Stargazing at Pinnacles  

It’s now time to unwind under the stars of the stunning outback night sky. Admire the Pinnacles at their most magical during a sunset visit, enjoy a candle-lit dinner in the desert, and stay after-dark for a thrilling stargazing experience.

The Dolphins and Sea Lions at Penguin Island

Start your Penguin Island tour with a Ninety-minute dolphin and sea lion cruise of Shoalwater Bay near Perth.  You can also out for bottlenose dolphins, seabirds and other wildlife in the Shoalwater Island Marine Park before you come ashore at Penguin Island for an experience of feeding little penguins.
You can explore the Discovery Centre and island on your own, and stay a little longer to swim, hike or enjoy a picnic at the shore

Perth Zoo and Sightseeing Cruise

Combine a sightseeing cruise on the Swan River then enter the Perth Zoo for a day out that highlights the best of Perth. As you glide along the Swan River from the city center, enjoy views to the King’s Park, the Bell Tower and the waterfront homes of upscale suburbs. At the Perth Zoo, survey its diversity of habitats that house more than 1,800 animals.

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