Adventure Activities Near Perth

Skydiving with a beach landing

See where the ocean meets the land from 15,000-feet (4,600-meters) above the ground during a thrilling skydive over Shoalwater Marine Park with magnificent areal views of the ocean. The 60-second free fall combined with the rapid descent during the jump makes it a choice for the most adventurous souls.

Sea Kayaking

Provides you with the chance of enjoying the ocean at your own pace at your own discretion. The ability to see aquatic animals like dolphins and interact with them in their natural habitat makes it a memorable experience.


Kiteboarding encompasses features from wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, and sailing into one extreme activity. It will give a definite adrenalin rush to anyone who loves the ocean. Pigeon Island is famous for kitesurfing. Facilities for professionals as well as first-timers are provided to get hang of the procedure before trying it in the ocean.


Sandboarding is an extreme sport involves riding down a sand dune with a special board. The difference in sandboarding when compared with snowboarding and surfing is the medium of motion used. Sand is used instead of snow or water in sandboarding. Pinnacles Dessert is famous for sandboarding. It will be a thrilling experience for the first-timers.


It is the practice of swimming on or through the ocean. In this process, a diving mask and a breathing tube defined as the snorkel will be used. Additionally, fins can be used too to help in the swimming process. It is the best way to view the hidden life of the ocean. No prior experience is needed for this. Rockingham and Rottnest are popular snorkeling places near Perth.

Jet ski tours

Considered the easiest water sport, it is very much like driving a fast car on the road. The only difference is that a vehicle called a jet ski is used instead of a car. Although it is the easiest water sport, it is one of the fastest water sports. Riding on the water in a speedy jet ski gives an adrenaline rush like no other. Hence, a lot of people are attracted to it.

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