Australian Migration Tips: A Guide To Moving To Perth

Why Make The Move To Perth?

Australian Migration Tips: A Guide To Moving To Perth

Perth doesn’t get as much press over in the UK as, say, Sydney or Melbourne, but for those thinking of living and working in Australia, this fascinating and beautiful part of Western Australia deserves a second look.

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Perth, the most isolated city on Earth

There’s no getting past the fact that Perth is remote. Getting there feels a bit like driving to Vegas: You drive for hours and hours through uninhabitable, barren landscapes before you finally catch the tops of the tallest buildings on the horizon. However, Perth is full to the brim with job opportunities, beautiful homes and an outstanding so once you got there, you wouldn’t want to leave too often anyway.

Perth does have a ‘grass is greener’ feel about it when you walk around and take it all in. Plus there are statistics to back it up. For instance, the crime rate is consistently low. However, Perth does have its negatives. For instance, similar to a number of cities Down Under, many houses in Perth are on one floor which inevitably leads to acres of desired land being taken up by only a dozen homes. It’s the architectural equivalent of manspreading. Australian homeowners like to stretch out, thereby excluding others. Also despite many interesting architectural landmarks, Perth Arena is considered by many as an eyesore with its deep blue front and jaggedy edges. It reminds me of the London Olympics logo which was similarly vilified for its chaotic look.

There’s Less Traffic in Perth

The transport system has also been criticised for being both unreliable and costly, leading many to venture into the city in their cars, though this still doesn’t lead to anything like the kind of gridlock you see in another car-loving countries. It has been noted that Perth – and other cities – should really invest more in cycle lanes and encourage more Australians to cycle to work, particularly with the growing and real concerns over climate change. However, this has yet to be acted upon.

The Swan River which runs through Perth is in pretty good condition despite several accidental spillages of sewage and chemical waste over the years. Also, the river is prone to algal blooms in the summer which kills the fish and keeps the dolphins away, so if you’re thinking of taking an angling trip to the banks in your rubber waders, think again.

Perth is the sunniest city in Australia

Perth apparently has more sunny days than any of its Australian counterparts but it is also a very windy place to live. This means you will find many a thrill-seeker taking to the skies for some parasailing, paragliding and countless other air sports. And of course, the surfing and kitesurfing here is also a popular pastime.

A creative community

As a creative, you may feel that Australian cities simply do not compare to places such as London, New York or Paris. But there are many attractive cultural hotspots in Australia, and Perth offers quite a few of them. The port city of Fremantle crackles with imagination and resourcefulness! As well as independent shops and galleries, you’ll find you can’t move for musicians, writers, artists and photographers. There’s plenty of community spirit and the feeling that you could achieve something here if you had the voice and the ambition. A notable event in the Perth calendar is the Perth International Arts Festival, Australia’s longest-running cultural festival, which takes place in February and March.

As I touched upon earlier, Perth is full of fitness fanatics and sports enthusiasts. This of course is a great way to meet new people if you’re feeling a little like an isolated expat. Whatever the sport, there is usually a club or society associated with it, so a good idea would be to do a little research online for groups near you.

Plenty of great places to live!

If you’re house-hunting and prefer the idea of the countryside being on your backdoor as opposed to endless neighbourhoods, then you may want to do some research into Parkerville, Roleystone and Kalamunda. These areas offer more of a scenic backdrop as opposed to your typical suburban Ramsey Street layout, pardon the generalisation. Though be warned, if you choose this kind of isolation you’ll definitely need a car.

Expat central in Perth

As an expat, you’ll be in good company, and this is another way to make connections with others. Perth boasts large contingents of expats from New Zealand, China, India and South Africa.

Moving to Perth

Australian Migration Tips: A Guide To Moving To Perth

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