A Newcomer’s Guide To Perth

Perth Guide: About three years ago, Benjamin Hodgetts uprooted his life and headed west, to Perth, Western Australia, from Sydney on the east coast. Here, he dishes up his experiences of Western Australia already, and guides us on where to eat, shop and take a day trip from Perth.

Why did you move from Sydney to Perth?

Not only did I get a job offer, but I also had no prior experience there, knew no one, and it was out in the middle of Australia. I thought this would be a good time to make some changes. I am here, four and a half months later.
If you’re looking for a great breakfast spot, try Mary Street Bakery in Mount Lawley for pancakes, bacon, eggs, and chili maple syrup, or Maystreet Lader in East Fremantle for coco whip. Boom!

The best bar: Joes Juice Bar
The best place for a coffee: Roasting House in South Freo (Fremantle).
Are there any food trends that stand out?
According to my observations, Perth has recently begun to embrace American culture, namely the largest and tastiest burgers, fried foods, and shakes. Infinite combinations of sweet and savory! Crawfish, brisket, and other dishes typical of the South

Perth Guide – The best place for live music: I don’t mind a messy gig at Mojos
The best market: South Freo for live music and all your organic fruit and veg needs.
What’s the health and fitness scene like?
It’s encouraging to see that there is a thriving cycling and running community, as well as a cross-fit and gym industry. We will be absolutely crushing it if we can just make it clear to the guys that it is unacceptable to wear tights without shorts underneath and that kidney belts aren’t decorations, okay?

How would you spend an ideal weekend in Perth?
A surf/ swim after work, a few cheeky whiskeys in Northbridge somewhere (likely Joes, The Bird or Ezra).
Saturday day: Exercise, swimming, and surfing. Taking a Harley ride to Spadille for coffee with some pals, then maybe heading up into the hills for a pub meal, all depending on the weather. Perhaps there’s a trail we can explore on foot.
Saturday night: Perhaps some further whiskey and, if someone will have me, a dinner date or performance.
Market mission and, weather permitting, another bike on Sunday morning.
I plan on having Yum Cha in Northbridge on Sunday night, a sunset drink, and some horizontal Netflix watching if I’m still not feeling well.

What day trips have you taken from Perth?
On weekends, I love visiting Perth, going on hikes and bike rides, and just enjoying the much cleaner air compared to Sydney. Swan Valley, Kalamunda, Ellis Brook, John Forest National Park, Dwellingup, Freo, North Coogee Power Plant, Rockingham, and the remainder of the hill country are some of my favorite places to visit. For a little paradise on earth, go south to Dunsborough/Margaret River.
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