West Coast Cruiser – The Ultimate West Coast Travel Guide

West Coast Cruiser tours open up the doors to Western Australia’s and The Northern Territory’s most iconic locations and prolific attractions. As long as it is wild and far out, West Coast Cruisers are out there, connecting a diverse landscape with the Outback roads, bringing everything you could possibly imagine to your experiences with every single tour.

Here’s our West Coast Travel Guide

“These Australian outback tours which are the ultimate West Coast tour guide, taking you beyond the best hiking spots in Perth by showing you the top of the list of things to do while in Australia”
“Exploring the West Coast of Australia and the Northern Territory, the West Coast Cruiser tours and Safari’s touch base on untouched land, un-familiarised by pop tourist industries and therefore ensure each tour to be an authentic adventure.”
West Coast Cruiser tours and Safaris is Western Australia’s most popular locally owned establishment who specialise in all inclusive, thrilling action-packed overland tours for the travel junkies.
As well as leading the way of thrilling expeditions, West Coast Cruiser focus on natural attractions and cultural activities, operating award winning tours throughout the West Coast of Australia, reaching further up through the Kimberley and along “The Top End”, across the Northern Territory to Darwin.
West Coast Cruiser Tour Itinerary:

With such a vast list of tours which all explore the grandest sights and attraction it is hard not to join a band of traveling comrades and make new friends who also relish the fruits of exploration, who also wish to look back in disbelief as you share stories with those “less fortunate”.
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