Australian Visa Processing Times

Australian Visa Processing Times: Depending on the kind of visa you are applying for, the time frame for processing might be different. The administration places a premium on the quick processing of visa applications. Their efforts have substantially shortened the time it takes to process visa applications.

Average Australian Visa Processing Times

There is no hard-and-fast rule about how long it takes to obtain a visa. Nevertheless, we can provide rough estimates. This is why we’ve included the median processing timeframes for several types of visas below.

Processing dates for various types of visas may vary widely. And in certain instances, you might have to wait longer than expected to have your visa turned in.

1. Permanent visas (skilled and partner visa first stage)

This sort of visa typically has a duration of eleven to twelve months. Reducing processing timelines for all permanent visas is now the goal of the authorities, which is excellent news. Depending on the volume of new and existing applications, processing timeframes could fluctuate monthly.

There may be ongoing monthly fluctuations while dealing with the oldest Permanent Visa Programme applicants.

2. Temporary visas (skilled, student, working holiday, and visitor)

The processing time for a temporary skilled visa is 29 days. It’s 28 days for student visa processing. The processing time for the visitor visa can be as short as one day, as with the working holiday maker visa.

There are many individual subclasses that make up each category. As a result, the processing times represent the aggregate computations for all of them. Processing time data does not include applications that were previously affected by Ministerial Direction 80 in order to provide a true representation of on-hand and fresh application processing times.

In accordance with this now-superseded Ministerial Direction, the Department of Home Affairs has contacted each applicant personally and is now processing their applications. ​

Application Results

Upon reaching a decision, Skilled & Business Migration will send you (or the designated recipient) an email to inform you of the outcome. Please visit the official website of the Department of Home Affairs for details on the processing timeframes for visas.

Improved visa processing times

Reduced processing timeframes will enable you to start your studies or job in Australia sooner. There will be a Notice for Information (RFI) from the Department of Home Affairs in your ImmuniAccount if you submit an incomplete application.

It is imperative that you swiftly provide the relevant information upon receipt of an RFI. The Department of Home Affairs will finish your visa application without the needed information if you do not submit it by the given deadline. They may reject your visa application if they do not thoroughly review all of the information.

Contact a reputable migration agent

When you apply for a visa via a reputable migration agency, they will handle everything on your behalf. Additionally, before you submit your visa application, they verify that all of the required documents are in order. The immigration officials will be able to handle your application in the typical timeframe for visa processing, so there will be no hassle.

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