Australia’s Vaccine Passports for International Travel

As the Federal Government begins to roll out the technology to verify your worldwide COVID-19 vaccination status, Australians will be one step closer to traveling abroad. Any Australian who has had all of their recommended vaccinations may use the digital certificates, sometimes known as a “vaccine passport,” to enter and exit the country.

What is the Procedure for Obtaining a Vaccination Passport?

Travelers from Australia may now show proof of current COVID-19 vaccination status when entering other countries using the new international travel vaccine passport. And the procedure for obtaining the travel passport is as simple as A, B, C. 

Just download it to your smartphone or print it off from the MyGov website to use the new certificate. To be eligible, you must provide evidence of COVID-19 double vaccination and a valid passport.

If requested, border authorities will run the certificate via a scanner upon entry into the country. Marise Payne, the foreign minister, claimed the certificate’s anti-forgery visible digital seal technology was state-of-the-art.

What Does the Vaccine Passport Look Like?

After completing the required steps and verifying your vaccination status and other information, the system will generate a PDF certificate for you. You can use the certificate’s unique QR code at any major international airport that accepts cross-border COVID-19 certificates encoded using the VDS-NC standard.

You can save, print, add to your digital wallet, or upload your international vaccine passport to your preferred travel app once you have it in PDF format.

How Secure is the Vaccine Passport?

The new vaccine passport is highly secure, so nothing to worry about. The unique QR code on your vaccination passport may seem simple, but experts say it’s just as safe as your passport chip. International authorities can scan the code to verify your vaccination status since it utilizes the same encryption as an ePassport.