Backpacker Jobs in Perth in Hospitality Australia

Backpacker Jobs in Perth in Hospitality Australia: If you are looking to work in cities like Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, working in the hospitality sector is a common way in which backpackers get money and make friends. Pubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels employ a large number of backpackers mainly in the summer season.

There is also a high demand for this type of work from backpackers, so arriving early will enable you to find a job easily.

Kinds of Jobs in Hospitality

If you are looking for a job in hospitality there are many different opportunities. You can work as a

  • A concierge
  • A Barista
  • A waiter or a waitress
  • A cook or a chef
  • A kitchen hand
  • A sandwich hand
  • A bartender

Other jobs include receptionist, housekeeper, and delivery driver

These jobs will often pay you well from 20 to 25 dollars. You can get paid more during the weekends.

Requirements to get a job in the hospitality field.

RSA Certificate

You will require a certificate for jobs in which you serve alcohol. You can get an RSA certificate by completing a day of training online or in a classroom. Each state will have its own legislation for the RSA certificate. So it can only be valid for the state where you received the RSA certificate from.

Getting a Hospitality job in Western Australia

Walk around

The best approach to getting a hospitality job is to walk around with copies of your resume. Many bars and restaurants will have signs on their windows or doors that say they are looking for staff. You should ask for the owner or the manager and talking face to face with the potential employer increases your chances of getting the job.

Websites and employment agencies

You can check websites that offer jobs in hospitality. You can also go to employment agencies which are common in large towns. In most cases, you may need to visit these places regularly to get to know about new job openings.  You will need to register in their database and you will need to submit a CV.

Backpacker Jobs in Perth in Hospitality Australia: Persevere

A job search can take several weeks. So it is important to be patient. You should stay motivated and keep making an effort, meet people, and let them know that you are looking for a job. Word of mouth is an effective way to find a job anywhere in the world.

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