Backpacker pubs in Perth

5 Backpacker and Student Pubs in Perth

Petition Beer Corner & Wine Bar

The rotating taps and rolling vibes of the Beer Corner are perfect for beer lovers, while the quieter, more intimate Wine Bar offers a taste of the best wines on the market from one of the best Sommeliers in the world. Australia, Emma Farrelly.

Alfred’s Pizzeria

It’s located opposite the treasury in a tiny basement, but it is so cool on the inside. Descend the stairs to find a few of your favorite things: cheesy pizza, rock and roll, and an extremely well-stocked bar.

Tiny’s Bar

A modern location at QV1 Plaza, Hay Street with a kitchen, a bar, and a wine shop. This is the kind of bar where you want to bring your international visitors, the interior is sleek, the range is of the highest quality and the staff has taken care of you.

Varnish on king

This shiny jewel located on King Street an Intimate pub with brick-lined walls featuring a large whiskey selection & hearty, creative food supported by an extremely cool environment. The classics and the ‘non-classics’ present with an emphasis on whiskey.

Fenians Pub

Located in Adelaide Terrace, it’s a Traditional Irish pub with a terrace, for live music and sports on TV, plus bar snacks and pub grub.


For those who like to enjoy their drink drenched in culture, Picabar has thrived since long before the small bar scene of Northbridge started and it is not negligent to keep up.


Clarences is the kind of bar that is suitable for all types. Whether you’re looking for an intimate place for a drink or want to hang out with friends in the beer garden, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Henry on eighth

Without doubt one of the most charming bars in Perth, Henry on Eighth is clearly local, but welcomes everyone. The historic building of the bar behind which a nice selection of beers, ciders, wines and spirits can be found.

The standard

With seductive cocktails, The Standard has a way to keep us coming back again and again. The bar with a lot of noise from the floor to the ceiling and the roofs can also have something to do with it.

Hipster bar Northbridge

Tony’s sneaky

Welcome to the bar of rum. Lots of it. There are more than 300 varieties of the stuff. You love the mystery, you love the novelty, you love the cocktails.

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