Backpacker Pubs in Perth 2019


Backpacker Pubs in Perth

The Mustang Bar

Visit the Mustang bar on Friday nights and be amazed at the Swing dancing which takes place with a high level of energy as well as a crazy level of fun and enjoyment for all. The live band as well as the DJ music makes a fun atmosphere for all those into dancing the night away.

The Euro

This is a backpacker bar which is well known in the area for its stylish surroundings as well as the party all night type of atmosphere which it possesses. The outdoor beer garden is very popular as are the backpacker nights which takes place each Thursday. You will get a feeling of danger once you enter into the bar, starting with the steel purple surfaces, the neon pool table and the smoke machine. They don’t have much to choose from, it’s mainly beers and cocktails, but it is very popular with the backpacker crowd for a good night out.

The Deen

This is a sleek nightspot which is one of the largest nightclubs in Perth. It also has sports TV, a courtyard and DJ parties. Backpackers travelling through Perth will definitely stop here to enjoy a good night out. It is very popular for their weekly Thursday night Latin American party, which will have music, salsa lessons and drink promotions. Don’t miss it if you are in the area, it’s a great experience.  

The Shed

A beautiful place indeed to enjoy yourself and have a drink at night. The entrance is a wooden arch which is followed by a rustic walkway made of stone. This gives quite a grand look to the place and it leads to the restaurant of the pub. It’s a charming little restaurant which has iron walls and wooden floorboards which are highly polished, which ensures that this is one of Perth’s favourite restaurants. Why not visit and try out their popular Outback Jack Daniels Marinated Ribs and the Greek Salad?


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