Backpacker and Student Nights in Perth and Northbridge

Backpacker and Student Nights in Perth and Northbridge

Backpacker and Student Nights in Perth and Northbridge

It is necessary for travellers to keep their spending under control, but they should still be able to relax and socialize while visiting these exotic areas. You will be able to visit a number of clubs and nightlife establishments that cater to backpackers. You’ll save money, plus you’ll get to meet a lot of other hikers and locals.

Mustang Bar

Make sure you enjoy the best backpacker night when in Perth by visiting the Mustang Bar. An intense amount of fun and great value for money is a sure thing when visiting this bar. Food, drinks, fun and mingling are all a possibility at the Mustang Bar. Having the most popular backpacker night in the city is also real commendation for them, so don’t forget to come and enjoy at the Mustang Bar.

Hip-E Club

Hip-E is one of the oldest places which offer Backpacker Nights in Perth. Don’t forget to visit on a Tuesday, when you will get some amazing drink specials, music and prizes which will leave you amazed. Dance all night and enjoy the music as well as the vibrant atmosphere of the club. Being one of the most popular spots to hangout, backpackers from around the world make it a point to make it to Hip-E Club to enjoy this remarkable atmosphere and fun.

Lucky Shag Bar

Yes, you heard that right! It’s called the Lucky Shag Bar. This outrageous name has been used to create a sense of intrigue and curiosity in the bar patrons of course. Although they do not offer a backpacker night as such, Monday evenings are their most popular time. For those of you looking for a less costly place, this is the bar to visit on a Monday. Very generous prices, giveaways and cash prizes offered in addition to having a quiz night. In terms of food and drink, which is really important, enjoy some good deals on meals, beer, cocktails and wines. You will surely have a great night out at the Luck Shag Bar. Come on and enjoy!

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