Best Beach Hostels In Monkey Mia

If you are considering visiting (what is by far) one of the world’s most amazing attractions; Monkey Mia, then pause no longer. This place will not fail to keep you entertained and will keep you busy lifting your jaw from the floor. And what better way to spend your time in this incredible place than having one of the Best Beach Hostels In Monkey Mia to welcome you!

Here is our top pick of attractions with your best beach hostels in Monkey Mia

Day trip to Shell Beach

Just a 50 minutes drive south of Monkey Mia is the chance to see one of only two beaches on Earth where shells replace sand. Shell Beach is a picture perfect and staggers all that discover this stunning natural wonder formed from billions of tiny shells. What better place to pack a picnic and prepare a days worth of sun soaking and swimming in pristine waters. Shell Beach is truly unrivalled.

Discover Denham

Placed in between Monkey Mia and Shell Beach, Denham offers array of exciting tourist attractions such as adventure, history and the perfect starting place to experience Shark Bay. You can visit Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre to learn about Shark bay’s diverse ecology and culture . This place is perfect for sunny strolls along the Shark Bay World Heritage drive, or even walk the streets to discover the marvelling buildings made from the shells of Shell Beach.

Feed the local pod of bottlenose dolphins

One of the most amazing interactions known to man is sharing a beach with Bottlenose Dolphins. Although spotting these amazing creatures is not abnormal, it is most certainly quite unique to see them visit the beach in knee high water for a morning snack. Here you will get to see them gracefully approach the sure and interact with the guides that feed them. Nothing short of amazing! See the world’s

Visit the oldest living fossils

The Hamelin Pool Stromatolites are the oldest and largest living fossils on Earth. Only a 30 minute drive from Monkey Mia, the rare Stromatolites are located in the shallow waters of Hamelin Pool.There are beautiful walkways and informational displays that explain just how incredible these fossils are. Scientists have likened it to discovering a living dinosaur.

Best Beach Hostels In Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia truly is an unmissable destination on your Perth to Broome Adventure Tours and now you will have the best beach hostel in Monkey Mia to back up this incredible experience.
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