Day trips from Fremantle and Perth

Day trips from Fremantle

Fremantle’s strategic location makes it quite easy to access a myriad of prominent tourist attractions. Read the article below and find out about some of the iconic destinations that you can visit by taking simple day tours from this stunning city.

Explore the Swan River from Fremantle

Enjoy an idyllic kayaking experience upon the glistening waters of Swan Lake and create a golden memory to cherish forever! Admire beautiful swans and ducks as the softly rippling lake lulls you to an enchanting reverie. Even beginners can experience the delights of kayaking here in the gorgeous Swan Lake.

Visit Rockingham Beach from Fremantle

Those who are looking for exhilarating thrills can visit the famous Rockingham Beach and enjoy an exciting Jetpack experience. This riveting water sport is perfect for adrenaline junkies. You will be able to soar above the water and reach a height of 10 meters as you are propelled by the high powered water jet attached to the Jetski.

Visit the The Bell Tower Perth

Located in the stunning city of Perth, the Bell Tower ceaselessly attracts and enthralls visitors. It is one of Perth’s most popular tourist attractions. You will get the opportunity to learn more about the art of bell ringing as you explore the beautiful bell ringing chamber. Spectacular views of Swan Lake, Darling Range and the cityscape of Perth can also be enjoyed from the high vantage point of the tower.

Visit Adventure World near Cockburn

Those who are visiting Fremantle with children should visit the Adventure World in Perth and indulge in a sensational experience. The destination includes a theme park as well as a water park so many hours of pure ecstasy can be enjoyed here. Over 25 rides and attractions are offered in Adventure World to keep visitors entertained throughout the day.

Visit Scitech in Perth

Scitech is a place that offers fascinating infotainment for both young and the old. The exhibits, programs, and shows of Scitech change quite frequently and are quite interactive in nature. The Scitech Planetarium is an exceptional facility here, which helps young learners to fall in love with the grand glory of space.
Day trips from Perth

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