Best Places to Dive with the Whale Sharks

Ningaloo is a unique place in the world where a large number of whale sharks are known to come close to land from March to July. They will start to come to Coral Bay in February and swim to the Ningaloo waters in Groups. This is very rare as they are solitary creatures.

Swim With the Sharks in Ningaloo

Exmouth is Ningaloo’s northern gateway and is located 1250 km north of Perth. Usually, you will only get to swim with one shark but sometimes you will get to swim with a few sharks at the same time.

Once in a Lifetime Experience

There are many ways to experience the thrill with these creatures. The whale sharks lack serious choppers and live by sucking plankton through their mouth. They are harmless to humans.

World Heritage Listed Site

More than 30000 people visit the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef each year especially to swim with these gentle giants. Whale sharks will migrate to the Western Australian water in search of krill and plankton to feed.

Underwater Paradise

The reef is the world largest fringing reef. You can walk off the beach and snorkel into the underwater paradise filled with manta rays, brilliant colored corals and sea turtles and over 500 species of fish. There are snorkel and dive day tours that depart to Exmouth and Coral Bay during the season.

A Lifetime Experience You Should Not Miss

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. You also get to see Manta rays and Humpback on the reef from late May to July. Ningaloo is the only place where you can swim with whale sharks in Australia. The whale sharks that you may encounter can be 4 to 12 m long and are completely harmless.

Swimming with the whale sharks is a once in a lifetime experience and you should never miss the chance to experience a swim with the gentle giants.

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