Best Surfing Beaches In Western Australia

Best Surfing Beaches In Western Australia

Let the stunning scenery and powerful ocean inspire you to push your limits and embrace the ultimate surfing experience. Get ready to make unforgettable memories and discover the best surfing beaches in Western Australia.

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 For beginners, right in the city of Albany at Middleton Beach is a great spot to practice surfing during big swells, as it’s a sheltered beach with gentle waves. Head north up the beach there for bigger waves if the surf is tiny at the south end of the beach

Surfing Spots: Dingo Beach, Salmon Bay


Cable Beach in Broome deserves its reputation as one of the world’s top beaches it has soft clean white sand, low easy surf, warm water and a long warm dry season to enjoy it all.

Surfing Spots: Cable Beach, Riddell Beach, Price’s Point


What you get mostly in Bunbury is shore break closeouts but if you know where and when to be, it can be great fun.  Bunbury’s Back Beach is very long and the waves are endless fun.  

Surfing Spots: Pelican Beach, Back Beach


It’s extremely popular for sports fishing. Gnaraloo is an exposed reef break that has dependable surf, with winter being the optimum time of the year to surf there.

Surfing Spots: Gnaraloo, Tombstones, Quobba Station, The left-hand ledge at Gnaraloo


You’ve got quite a few options there like the very surf popular Dunes (Surfers Beach), It boasts a reef break that is safe and easy to access. Others are The Bommie, which is best suited for advanced surfers and Wobiri Access Beach has a surf break great for beginners and grommets.  

Surfing Spots:  Dunes (Surfers Beach), TheBommie, Wobiri Access Beach, Vlamingh Head, Yardie Creek


People come here for Geraldton’s consistent wind and swell which makes it a watersports haven, and with the coral-fringed Abrolhos Islands just 60km from the shoreline, it’s a diving and sports fishing hotspot.

Surfing Spots: Wilson Inlet, The Bluff


Kalbarri’s number one attraction, Red Bluff, has an Indonesian-style left reef with relative remoteness. And it gives it a mellow vibe despite its fame. Great for low key coastal camping, you can swim.

Surfing Spots: Red Bluff, Gnaraloo, Tombstones, Jakes Point

Mandurah & Rockingham

Rockingham offers a wide range of water activities including windsurfing and kite surfing opportunities, with Secret Harbour, Palm Beach, and Safety Bay being popular spots for learning how to surf.

Surfing Spots Mandurah: The Pyramids, Tims Thicket, Avalon Point, Falcon Bay

Surfing Spots Rockingham: Secret Harbour, Avalon Point, Golden Bay, Singleton Beaches, Safety Bay, Palm Beach

Margaret River 

North Point in Gracetown, The Box, Smiths Beach, and the Three Bears. Or join the world’s elite at Surfer’s Point, home of the annual Margaret River Pro.

Surfing Spots: Yallingup, North Point in Gracetown, The Box, Smiths Beach, Three Bears, Surfer’s Point, Redgate, Wyadup Rocks, The Wedge


Fremantle’s excellent seaside location makes it optimal for surfing. And there are a few beaches around Freo where you can catch yourself some waves, as well as surfing schools that can teach you how to surf. The favorites are Leighton Beach and Port Beach. Other top ones are the Lighthouse, Dingoes, Sandtrax and Coogee Beach.

Surfing Spots: Leighton Beach, Port Beach, Lighthouse, Dingoes, Sandtrax, Coogee Beach

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