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Best things to do in Broome – Western Australia’s favourite getaway!

Sitting at the edge of the Indian Ocean, Broome is one of WA’s favoured beach resorts. The place is best known for its camel rides – that’s right folks camels on the beach in Australia, dinosaur trails and falling in love with the most amazing sunsets. The pearling town, part of the Kimberly region, has many surprises in store. Read on and start planning!

Broome Bird Observatory

Established in 1988, the Broome Bird Observatory sits along the shores of pretty Roebuck Bay. Birder’s this is one attraction not to be missed. Situated on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, the observatory welcomes, between August and October, a host of migratory birds arriving after a 10,000km voyage. March and April too, brings an influx of feathered beauties to admire.

Cable Beach

A 22km stretch of sun-bleached white sand makes Cable Beach the most popular, and beautiful, in Broome. Head over to the northern end for fabulous sunsets, and those ever-famous camel rides on the beach.

Perth to Broome Overland Tour
Adventure Tours Australia Group camel riding on Cable Beach, Broome

Dampier Peninsula

Adventure lovers this is your spot, an open woodland home to some of WA’s most stunning beaches. Located north of Broome, promising swimming, snorkelling, dinghy rides and romantic strolls along secluded beaches, Dampier Peninsula is also home to Cape Leveque; offering an insight to the culture, lifestyles and history of local Aboriginal communities.

Gantheaume Point

Dinosaur’s anyone? Head over to the southern edge of Cable Beach to Gantheaume Point, famous for its 130-million-year-old dinosaur footprints. The placed tipped to be one of the world’s best palaeontology sites, reveals the footprints at low-tide. If you do get there at high-tide, check out the plaster casts of the footprints fixed to the rocks there. As a bonus, spot migratory whales and dolphins from the Gantheaume Point Lighthouse.

Horizontal Falls

David Attenborough called the stunning place one of the natural world’s greatest wonders. Located on the Kimberly coast, the falls, over 1.8 billion years old, reverse every time the tide changes direction, resulting in tidal whirlpools inside the rugged McLarty Range.
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