Broome to Perth Coach tour

Broome to Perth Coach tour

Broome to Perth Coach tour
The Western Australian coastline is nothing short of a traveler’s paradise. The turquoise coast is filled with a wealth of activity, sunshine, and natural beauty. The landscape is stunning, and the people are amiable.

Visit Pinnacles Desert on the Broome to Perth Coach tour

The pinnacle desert is situated 19 km from Cervantes, Nambung, and is an alien-like plain that is stubbed with thousands of limestone pillars. The pillars rise from the desert floor and are remnants of compacted seashells. There are loop roads that make its way through the formation but wandering on foot may be a fun way especially during a full moon, sunset, or dawn when there is sublime light.

Experience Karijini National Park on the Broome to Perth Coach tour

Karijini National Park is hidden deep in the heart of Pilbara. It consists of plunging pools and cool waterfalls that offer a refreshing respite from the heat of the ironstone country. Although most travelers will be content only to explore the open gorges, you can go further and climb, swim, dive, abseil, and paddle the water-worn dark passages. You can witness wildflower carpeted plain during the spring transformation. You can also reach the state’s highest peaks to get altitude.

Enjoy Coral Bay on the Broome to Perth Coach tour

Coral Bay is one of the best locations to reach the exquisite Ningaloo Marine Park. It is situated north of the Tropic of Capricorn. It consists of a white sand beach and only one street. It is very popular and can be enjoyed on foot.

Visit Ningaloo Reef on the Broome to Perth Coach tour

Ningaloo Reef is situated in a world heritage marine park that is located off the North West cape on the Western Australian coral coast. You can snorkel among pristine coral, swim beside whale sharks, and dive into reefs. You can enter turquoise, shallow lagoons straight from the beach for the best snorkeling experience.

Visit Shark Bay and Monkey Mia on the Broome to Perth Coach tour

The world heritage listed Shark Bay comprises of turquoise water and a pristine coastline that draws marine life and tourists from all around the world. The bay has grass meadows that host rays, dugongs, turtles, and sharks. The land is a refuge to rare marsupials. Red sand, limestone cliffs, and salt lakes give the region added beauty. The main attraction of Monkey Mia are the dolphins that come close to the shore for more than fifty years.

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