Bus Tours Perth to Exmouth

Bus Tours Perth to Exmouth

Ever imagined lying under the night sky looking at the stars twinkling above you? Or lying on a pristine white beach in the shade of a palm tree? Well, you can do all that and more on this tour to Exmouth from Perth. Want to know what else is included in this bus tour? You get to enjoy the warmth of a campfire in the desert and stand over the cliffs of an old river gorge which is millions of years old and hundreds of feet below. You’re feeling the excitement now aren’t you? Join in this tour and enjoy yourself by visiting many renowned places like the Pinnacles, Ningaloo Reef, Karijini National Park and Monkey Mia.

Bus Tours Perth to Exmouth see the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

The Hamelin Pool in Western Australia will indeed be an area of interest, especially to the geologists and the botanists who visit this place. That is because the Stromatolites, living fossils, a vital part of the evolution of the world are in place here. You will get to see the world as it was 3.7 billion years ago.

Bus Tours Perth to Exmouth visit Yanchep National Park

Yanchep is home to a large colony of Koala Bears, although it is not technically their native land. You can have a raised boardwalk view of these adorable creatures among the branches of the trees in which they hide in. Enjoy your time with them, and the ability to cuddle these fluffy bears.

Bus Tours Perth to Exmouth see the Dolphins at Monkey Mia

The bottlenose dolphins tend to interact with visitors, and have done so for over 40 years now. So you will have the chance to feed them from the edge of the water, under supervision of course. Unfortunately you cannot swim with them, but you can look at them while they come to the shore at least three times a day, and feed them the given food, while being knee deep into the water with them.

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Bus Tours Perth to Exmouth

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