Perth to Broome Coach Tours

Perth to Broome Coach Tours

Perth to Broome 10 days Coach Tour

This 10-day coach tour includes a maximum of 4 passengers and is available in both ways. Accommodation will be provided in hostels.

• Perth to Broome Coach ToursDay 1 Perth – Kalbarri

The tour starts off with a visit to the Nambung National Park, giving you the opportunity to see the world renowned Pinnacles dessert for yourself. Visit the Hangover Bay for a swim and enjoy the experience.
Then you can visit the Batavia coast, where the coastal gorges are present to learn all about the shipwrecks in that area. You will also have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful wildflowers of WA as well as the experience of sandboarding at the natural dunes. It is definitely an experience not to be missed.
See some humpback whales in the ocean and visit Kalbarri to enjoy an Australian BBQ before spending the night at a hostel.

• Perth to Broome Coach Tours. Day 2 Kalbarri –Denham- Shark Bay

Visit the Kalbarri National Park and go for a bushwalk to experience the views from the Murchison River as well as the famous Natures window. You can also visit the Nerren Nerren sheep stations and have the opportunity to cross the Meadow as well. Come across the oldest living organisms on the planet, the Stromatolites and explore the Shell beach, which is one of the longest beaches of shells in the world.
Then visit Denham before arriving at the Shark Bay and spending the night at a hostel.

• Perth to Broome Coach Tours. Day 3 Shark Bay, Monkey Mia, Carnarvon, Coral Bay

Visit and explore Monkey Mia extensively and gain the ability to see the dolphins who may come to the shore. You can also go sailing, fishing or kayaking before visiting a coastal gorge.
Be fortunate enough to have an unforgettable experience at Western Australia’s Big Sky Country where you can have a 360-degree view of land, sea, and sky and experience a real sense of the isolation and vastness of the Australian outback.
You can spend some time in Carnarvon, a tropical town before going to Coral Bay to spend the night at a hostel.

• Perth to Broome Coach Tours. Day 4 Coral Bay, Exmouth

Enjoy the Coral Bay while exploring the Ningaloo Reef, which is the largest fringing coral reef in the world. Observe the underwater world of corals and fish just a few meters from the shore of the Indian Ocean.
You can enjoy many activities on the bay such as swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, glass bottom boat cruising or quadbike riding.
At the end of the day, you will cross over to Exmouth to spend the night.

•Perth to Broome Coach Tours. Day 5 Explore Exmouth

Enjoy your day at the glorious Cape Range National Park, where you can really appreciate the secluded beaches and the Ningaloo Reef where you can snorkel and view the marine life up close and enjoy.

• Perth to Broome Coach Tours. Day 6 Exmouth, Karijini

Visit the Hammersley Ranges and look out for the Kangaroos and the lizards in the area. You can also explore the Karijini National Park on this day, with its unique scenery, red rocks, trees, and gorgeous skyline.
Spend the night at the bushcamp at Karijini

• Perth to Broome Coach Tours. Day 7 and 8 Explore Karijini

Discover the magnificent ancient gorges in the Karijini National Park while taking a dip from the different waterfalls and the pools of the park. Thoroughly enjoy this area during these 2 days and Bushwalk from Dales Gorge to Circular Pool to see the famous Fortesque Fall as well as the picturesque fern pool.
You can also go to the Karijini visitor center to learn all about the history of that area. Visit the different pools, gorges and the lookout points of the impressive expanse of the Karijini National Park.

• Perth to Broome Coach Tours. Day 9 Karijini, Port Headland, Pardoo

Learn all about the port town of Port Headland which is known for more than 50 million tonnes of iron being exported annually. You can even see the 2.5km long trains which are used to transport the ore.
Have the opportunity to view the De Grey River on the way to Pardoo. Camp at the Pardoo Roadhouse for the night.

• Perth to Broome Coach Tours. Day 10 Pardoo, Broome

You will arrive at Broome on the last day through the 80-mile beach, and you could explore the renowned Town of Broome at your leisure. The key highlights of the area such as the Japanese Cemetery, Gantheaume Point and Anastasia’s pool can be visited during this day.
As a fantastic finish to your 10-day adventure via coach, you can watch the sun dip into the ocean on the picturesque Cable Beach.

Perth to Broome Tour

Travel from Perth to Broome with style and integrity, with the ability to travel in sheer comfort via coach. Broome being one of the best holiday destinations in Australia will be sure to make your journey a memorable one where you will come back with the best memories. Broome, the Western gateway to the Kimberly region is a destination which is epic and an excellent place for tourists to enter into. The city has many things to boast about including the fascinating historical aspect of Broome, the coastal landscape, the unique culture, and the tourist-friendly atmosphere. There are many things which you can do in Broome such as;

Camel Ride on Cable Beach

The Cable Beach is not something to be missed once you arrive in the area. You can have a great view of the vibrant coast and the breathtaking landscape of Broome. At sunset, the melting sun over the golden sands of the beach. Well as the golden ripples on the water will be sure to take your breath away. You can enjoy your camel ride on this beach with a beautiful surrounding view.
Staircase to the Moon
This is a unique optical illusion of Broome. When the conditions are right, and the full moon rises over the mudflats when the tide is low, this extraordinary optical illusion will show what appears to be a staircase which is seen as if it reaches the moon. This spectacular illusion is a must see once you arrive there.

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and Animal Refuge

You can see through the jaws of a giant saltwater crocodile when visiting this crocodile park. You can experience the legacy which was left behind by the late Malcolm Douglas when visiting these crocodiles in residence as well as the kangaroos, birds, wallabies emus who are living in this park.

Japanese Cemetery in Broome

You can visit the largest Japanese cemetery in Australia, this actually does date back to the early pearling days.
Willie Creek Pearl Farm
You can gain an unparalleled pearl experience at Willie Creek Pearls, where you will be informed in detail about the history of pearling in Broome, the current pearl industry of the area, commercial pearl farming as well as the jewelry manufacturing process of Broome using pearls. Hence by visiting you can learn all that you need to know about the pearl industry and the intriguing world of Pearls.
Buddha Sanctuary
This is, in essence, a meditation center as well as a yoga retreat for those who are looking for peace of mind and tranquility. Hence do visit and have a look at the sanctuary while soaking up the peacefulness of the surroundings.
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