Darwin to Broome Tours via Gibbs River Road

Darwin to Broome Tours via Gibbs River Road

Gibbs River road is a former cattle route in the Kimberly region which one of the last untouched wilderness in Australia. The Gibbs River road pans a distance about 660 km connecting the towns Derby and Kununurra. This road is considered one of Australia’s wildest outback experiences. Red dirt oceans surround the road, with deep clefts hiding gorges, shaded ponds, and far-off waterfalls. Hence, it is the ideal road to experience the true wilderness of Australia.

Places to Visit on Your Way

The town of Derby is a historical town with its infamous prison Boab tree only about 6 km from the Gibbs River Road turnoff. Noted as a spectacular swimming spot, Bell Gorge is another attraction. It is considered as the most famous gorge in the Gibbs River road. In addition to swimming, the view of the waterfall combined with the picturesque surroundings makes it one of the best places to do nature photography.

Galavan’s Gorge is another gorgeous gorge accessible through the Gibbs River road. It is the most accessible gorge being only 1 km from the road. In addition to them, numerous other gorges like Manning Gorge, and Emma Gorge are also present. Although they may lack the popularity of the Bell Gorge, they are as beautiful as the Bell Gorge which will enable you to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Before You Embark on the Journey

Being a road through the wilderness, there is a minimal amount of facilities on the way. Hence, a good plan is a must before embarking on the journey. The vehicle used for the journey must be a high-clearance 4WD with at least 2 spare tires. In terms of supplies, plenty of water (at least 20 l for 1 person) and several days’ food are essential.


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