Day trip from Perth to the Peel region

Day trip from Perth to the Peel region

Take a weekend trip from Perth to the Peel region for a wonderful type of adventure, at any time of the year. Adventures are good here and range from a walk through wildflower gardens to super fast jet skiing on open water.

Lake Clifton, Serpentine fall and the Murrey River .

During this wonderful day trip, you will experience some of the best places the Peel region has to offer, including Lake Clifton, Waroona, Pinjarra, the Murray River, Edenvale Homestead, and the beautiful Serpentine Dam.

During the trip, you will discover the thrombolites, visit the antique shop of Drakesbrook, where you will find one of the largest collections of pottery from Moorcroft, a tour of one of the most historic houses of the WA and you can enjoy in the afternoon tea in a quiet setting overlooking the Serpentine Dam.

White Sands and Blue Water

Stretching from the white sand and the blue water to the rugged terrain of the Darling Scrap, the Peel region offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from exploring vast waterways and national parks, visits to wineries and bushwalking along the paths of the vast Jarrah forests.

History and beauty

The Peel region offers unique experiences, such as a visit to historic Pinjarra, one of the oldest cities in Western Australia, and Serpentine National Park, which is rich in the scenic beauty of ancient landforms and lush green forests.

Stretch your legs on world-class golf courses, catch a glimpse of underwater wonders during a diving expedition, sample sumptuous award-winning wines, pour a fishing line or a crab net, dine, first class, throw a tent by a babbling stream, or walk to the shimmering ocean waves.

Thanks to the 50 kilometers of gorgeous coastline you can set your own pace with swimming, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, diving, fishing and sailing to name but a few.

National parks and nature reserves offer everything from peaceful bush walks to whitewater rafting, all in unspoiled native forests. Great camping and outdoor adventures are easy to find here.

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