Day Trip From Perth to Margaret River in Western Australia

Day Trip From Perth to Margaret River

Jewel Cave Fully Guided Tour
Mammoth Cave Self-Guided Audio Tour


4 Hour Adventure Tour


Forest Adventures Park Entry – 2 Hours
Full Day Wine & All About It Tour


Full Day Wine Tour


Margaret River Discovery Tour
The All About Margaret River Tour


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Bushtucker Margaret River Canoe Tour
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Premium Full Day Wine Tour


Augusta Whale Watching
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Lake Cave Fully Guided Tour


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Breathtaking Wineries to Visit on Your Next Road Trip to Margaret River
Surrounded by ocean on three sides, the pristine and geographically isolated environment ensures that every wine is special but not one is the same. Sustainability and innovation is a core focus for many of the region’s wineries specialising in organic, biodynamic and natural winemaking with Cullen Wines at the forefront as the first winery in Australia to be certified 100% carbon neutral

Margaret River is a three-hour journey from Perth. If you’re driving, you’ll pass through a few towns worth visiting along the road, including Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, and Yallingup. There are two ways to get from Perth to Margaret River: the Kwinana Freeway is a half-hour faster route, while the South Western Highway is more scenic. 

If you are already familiar with Perth and the surrounding area, consider visiting the Margaret River region to the south. You can take a short day trip from Perth to Margaret River or join one of the multi-day Margaret River trips from Perth, depending on how much time you have. Travelling by bus from Perth to Margaret River might also be convenient.


● Distance from Perth to Margaret River – 234 km
● Travel time – 3 hr 15 min via State Route 2

Spring in Perth is a delightful season to revel in the beauty of the great outdoors. Margaret River is one such place to visit in Spring. With a plethora of sights to see, activities to indulge in and exquisite wine and food to sample, Margaret River makes for a perfect day trip from Perth.

Places to visit on a day trip Perth to Margaret River

Wondering the best places to visit on a day trip from Perth to Margaret River? Have a look at some places of interest to be covered in a day trip:

  • ● Stop at the stunning Busselton Jetty, which is the longest timber jetty in the southern hemisphere
    ● Visit a local winery to sample some of the best wines in the region
    ● Explore Mammoth Cave on a guided tour through this gothic cave with huge chambers
    ● Pass through the Boranup Forest which has the gigantic Karri trees
    ● Visit Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where you can be amazed by the rare phenomenon of the meeting point of the Southern and Indian Oceans
    ● Explore Margaret River’s best beaches such as Hamelin Bay Beach, Yallingup Beach and Smiths Beach
    ● Go on a whale watching tour

What to pack on a Day trip Perth to Margaret River?

If you’re coming in April, then you’re in luck because you will be treated to beautiful days. Make sure you pack your bathing suit for a quick beach swim. Also pack some light footwear, sunscreen and comfortable clothing.

Things to Do in Margaret River this Summer

Margaret River region is one of the most popular destinations in Western Australia.  It is renowned for its outstanding wineries, idyllic beaches, natural wonders, incredible views and unique landmarks.  The best time to visit Margaret River is during the summer months. There are many reasons for you to visit Margaret River this summer.  

1. Underground Caves


Exploring the deep caves
Mammoth Cave is a large limestone cave 21 km (13 mi) south of the town of Margaret River in south-western Western Australia, and about 300 km (190 mi) south of Perth. It lies within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and is surrounded by karri and marri forest. There have been extinct animal fossils found in Mammoth Cave.

The picturesque Margaret River region is spectacular underneath the ground too!  The Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge treasures over 100 highly decorated limestone caves beneath it, formed one million years ago.  Lake, Jewel, Mammoth and Ngilgi are some of the stunningly beautiful caves open to the public.

∙ Cave Tours

Cave tours range from completely easy self-guided tours to ‘hard-hat’ adventure tours.  Explore the labyrinth of the cave mysteries or simply delve deeper for thrilling adventure tours.

∙ Lake Cave

Marvel at this stunningly beautiful chamber deep beneath the earth, with its tranquil lake that reflects delicate crystal decorations!  Take the guided tour and wonder at this breathtaking beauty of the crystal wonderland.

∙  Jewel Cave

The awe-inspiring journey into the most beautiful Jewel Cave lets you marvel at the intricate crystal decorations suspended across the ceiling.  Home to one of the longest straw stalactites, this cave comprises of three massive chambers.  The stunning crystal formations that have taken thousands of years to form will surely take your breath away!

∙ Mammoth Cave

The Mammoth Cave is a natural time capsule and home to ancient fossil remains of long-extinct Australian Mega Fauna (giant animals).  Admire the extra-ordinary cave formations and rock piles created by the perennial stream that flows through the cave.  Most awe-inspiring is the 50,000-year-old ‘zygomaturus’ jawbone embedded in the cave wall.  

Day trip from Perth to Busselton
The cave is 500 m (1,600 ft) long and 30 m (98 ft) deep. It has been known from about 1850 to European settlers of the Margaret River district, but it was not explored until 1895.[1] Its first explorer, Tim Connelly, who was appointed caretaker of the cave, conducted tours by lamplight until 1904 when electric lighting was installed.

∙ Ngilgi Cave

Explore this stunningly beautiful cave decorated exquisitely by stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and beautifully coloured shawls, which was Western Australia’s first tourist attraction.  Take the semi-guided show cave tour that takes you firstly to visit the ‘Amphitheatre’.  Then onwards explore this amazing cave on your own.  Take the adventure tour for a thrilling experience.

2. Margaret River Wine Adventure Tour

Discover the outstanding wines of the Margaret River region on a small-group tour by luxury 4WD.  The tour features the following;

∙ Canoe Trip:  

Firstly, canoe over the Margaret River to admire the natural beauty of the region as well as indulge in tastings of great wines.  

∙ Fraser Gallop Estate:

Secondly, be guided to the behind-the-scenes winery experience and indulge in a delicious private wine lunch at a vineyard or the cellar. 

∙ Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs:

Thirdly, visit this picturesque beach and enjoy the scenic remote location as well as the short walk on the iconic Cape Walking Track. 

∙ White Elephant Café:

Next, enjoy your coffee break.  Check out the surf action and spot a passing whale or two during the whale season.

∙ Kevill Road Waterfall:

Further, visit the ancient waterfall that tells you much about Aboriginal traditions and early European History.  Spot freshwater Marron and mussels at the waterhole.

∙ Off-road ride:

Finally, make the tour complete with the exhilarating off-road ride. 

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours
The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is a lighthouse located on the headland of Cape Leeuwin, the most south-westerly point on the mainland of the Australian Continent, in the state of Western Australia. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse was constructed by a company led by M. C. Wikipedia

Where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet, sits the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, with all its grandeur.  Go on one of the lighthouse tours and enjoy the amazing view.  Learn all about its history, build, keepers and the multiple shipwrecks prior to its existence.  Learn about the operations and maintenance of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, which is a working lighthouse.

For more information, please visit;

Hamelin Bay

Just half an hour drive away from Margaret River is the beautiful Hamelin Bay. Visit Hamelin Bay, home to wild stingrays that often swim right up to the shoreline. They feed on scraps from the fishermen at the boat ramp on the beach. A summer day is perfect to watch them as the water visibility is higher.  Be respectful and void harassing them as the stingray are wild.

About Margaret River

Margaret River is a town located in south of Perth in western Australia. The Margaret River Region consist of the towns Cowaramup Dunsborough, Yallingup, Margaret River and Augusta. Margaret River is the heart of the region and is famous for its internationally renowned wine and surf beaches on the Indian Ocean. It is surrounded by charming villages, lush greenery and beaches.

The Margaret River Region begins at the town of Dunsborough, about 2.5 hours’ drive south from Perth, with breathtaking views of the ocean and vineyards. On the trip from Perth to Margaret River, you will get to taste their internationally renowned wines and explore the vast underground limestone caves, dolphin watching as well as experiencing the surf culture. These are some of the things that the day trip from Perth to Margaret River covers.

Things to See at Margaret River

Most of the region’s best wineries are located alongside Caves Road and between Caves Road and Bussell Highway amongst the towns of Dunsborough and Margaret River. You can meet winemakers and sample the award-winning exquisite flavors of wine at Leeuwin, Vasse Felix and Voyager Estate among the 120 plus wineries. When it comes to exploring breweries, The Beer Farm, Eagle Bay Brewing and Cidery are few of the most known breweries in Margaret River.

Finish the day with some award-winning camembert from the Margaret River Diary. The exquisite Lake Cave and the massive Jewel Cave is another fascinating sight to see at Margaret River. Lake Cave is one of the deepest caves among 150 limestone caves located underneath Margaret River’s Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge. You can also learn about the legend of Aboriginal at Ngilgi Cave. These are some of the things to see that the day trip from Perth to Margaret River covers.

Things to Do at Margaret River

The jetty train, which is 1.7 km out to sea, with a views across Geographe Bay gives you the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales. Another fun thing to explore is the Karri Forest which is a 25-minute drive south of Margaret River. it is an ideal place for breathtaking nature photography with its unique towering trees. Karri Forest is also ideal for birdwatching.

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is another world renowned destination at Margaret River with over 2.6 million visitors. the trees are 40 meters above ground which makes for a Lovely walk amongst the red tingle trees. You can end the day with a meal at one of their award winning restaurants. These are some of the things that the day trip from Perth to Margaret River covers.   

Margaret River Wine Adventure Tour
Margaret River is the foremost Geographical Indication wine region in the South West Australia Zone, with nearly 55 square kilometres (21 sq mi) under vine and over 138 wineries.


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