Day Trip from Perth to Toodyay Today

Day Trip from Perth to Toodyay Today

Day Trip from Perth to Toodyay, Enjoy your weekend or day trip at Toodyay, the charming and historic town located on the Avon River.  It is a popular day-tripper destination.  Self-drive the short distance from Perth and get a tour guide to ensure the best tour of the town.  As an alternative, explore the vintage town and its historical attractions on your own.

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Toodyay Food and Picnic Trail

Have a unique country experience just an hour’s drive away from Perth, at Toodyay!  Along this self-drive journey, meet the growers and producers of dates, olive oil, wine, bread, pastured meats and condiments.  So bring along your picnic basket and fill it with the goodies to have a memorable picnic at Toodyay.  Complete your day with a camel experience.

∙ The Picnic Trail

Toodyay has beautiful parks, wildflowers, nature reserves, natural bushland and riversides.  Stock up your picnic basket as you drive along this trail and head to one of the many idyllic locations of this vintage town in the Avon region.  Experience this journey at your leisure, in half a day, one full day or over a period of a few days.  

Toodyay Emu Farm Tour

Self-drive to Toodyay and visit the oldest emu farm in the world to have the unique experience of walking amongst flocks of emus.  Walk in the natural Australian bushland, photograph the wildlife, most importantly the emus.  Visit the farm from May to August for observing the eggs hatching and July to October to observe the young black and white emu chicks in their enclosures.

∙ Farm Emu Shop

This farm shop offers many emu products such as emu eggs, cosmetics, emu meat, feathers, leather and, most importantly, the emu oil.  Emu oil has been registered as a therapeutic.  It is a natural anti-inflammatory pain killer and an antiseptic.  It is used for massaging and moisturising as well as soothing muscles, skin and joints.

Connor’s Mill Guided Tour

Visit the Connor’s Mill, which is an icon of Toodyay, on a guided tour.  It portrays Toodyay’s busy agricultural industry and the important part played by the mill during the developing years.  The Connor’s Mill demonstrates the process of turning wheat into flour using the machinery of a bygone era.  The museum provides guided tours on weekdays, for prior bookings.

Newcastle Gaol Museum Tour

Visit the Newcastle Gaol museum and go back in time 150 years to the era of Moondyne Joe, a famous bushranger.  Constructed using convict labour in the 1860s, the Newcastle Gaol Museum was restored as a museum in 1962.  In 1983 the museum received an award from Museums Australia for Best Educational Programme.

∙ Exhibits

Over the years, the displays have constantly improved and now include the Moondyne Joe Gallery, the Dorizzi memorial cell and the “Native” Cell.  The main exhibition space features temporary displays, including a courtroom scene.  Other artefacts portray the daily life of families during the settler era.  At the rear is a display of early agricultural machinery.

∙ Police Stables

Step into the police stables, which are part of the Old Gaol Museum complex.  The stables were constructed in 1891 and used until 1955 as a Police Lock-Up.   A number of horse-drawn carts and appliances are on display here.  

∙ Wicklow Shearing Shed

Next to the Police Stables is a 100-year-old shearing shed, relocated from a nearby location.  The displays and artefacts in this shed feature sheep farming practices of the pre-electricity era.

Fairy-tale Farm Tour

This amazing Fairy-tale Farm tour maybe your child’s dream come true.  Visit this unique, family-owned attraction in the picturesque town, and step into the fairy-tale world of your child.  Bring along a picnic to be enjoyed amidst the fairy-tale characters.

∙  Displays

A range of displays belonging to the fairy-tale world decorate the indoors and outdoors.  Friendly farm animals and a vintage toy museum are additional features that will surely make your child happy and excited.

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Day trip from Perth to Toodyay today

How to get to Toodyay?

Toodyay, known as Newcastle between 1860 and 1910, is a town on the Avon River in the Wheat belt region of Western Australia. It is 85 kilometers north-east of Perth on Ballardong Nyoongar land.

On your way to Toodyay you pass York and Northam.

Attractions in Toodyay

Earth Sculptures Pottery

Earth Sculptures has been creating unique handmade pieces of pottery for over 18 years, specializing in a range including the Toodyay Smoking Swagman and the Original Smoking Dragon. At the studio you can purchase pieces that are individually sculptured from local clays.

Toodyay Miniature Railway

The Toodyay Miniature Railway was opened in 1996 and is owned by a local hobby club. All rolling stock is privately owned by members. Trains run for approx. 8 – 9 minutes on the 1.1 km long track. Trains consist of petrol engines ‘diesels’, a coal fire steam locomotive and electric (24v) battery operated.


Join a real world outdoor treasure hunting game around the Central Tourist Precinct.

Geocaching uses Global Positioning System enabled devices to navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Anyone can join and basic membership is free.

Pioneers Arboretum

The Pioneers’ Arboretum is a living catalogue of some of the trees found in W.A. In 1979 the Toodyay Naturalist’s Club planted an arboretum. The planting is mainly of the Western Australian eucalyptus.

Roo’s at Sue’s

Enjoy close personal encounters with Australia’s most famous icon the Kangaroo. Join Sue in the late afternoon when her special mob of wild roos come in to feed.

In addition you can also visit Emu’s on the Park, see EMU’s at the free range farm, purchase products at the Emu shop and visit the fine art gallery at Sommerville.

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