Day Trip Perth to Bunbury

Day trip Perth to Bunbury. Bunbury is a very charming little town where you can enjoy the exotic wildlife, get back to nature, enjoy a wide range of events and activities and appreciate the sunsets, wildlife parks and the local food. An excellent location to visit with your family while visiting Perth.

Visit Bunbury Wildlife Park during your Day Trip Perth to Bunbury

You may gain a large variety of wildlife experiences in this park. A large collection of wildlife such as cockatoos, wallaroos, emus, quokkas, wombats and potoroos can be observed here. Enjoy your time with these animals; walk along a swamp pathway towards the wetland which also hosts many different animal species.  

Vist Bunbury Farmers Market on
Day Trip Perth to Bunbury

Local growers bring in their fresh goods into the market, which have never been stored or refrigerated before. This fresh and locally grown food is all set for you to enjoy. Purchase anything you need from fruits and vegetables, flowers and meat items which are fresh products. Enjoy sampling some of the delicious goods offered while you explore this town.

Vist Back Beach on your Day Trip Perth to Bunbury

This is a gorgeous white beach which you can enjoy during your trip. It’s an awesome place where you can snorkel, surf and swim while enjoying its natural beauty. With the large amounts of fish, you may even be able to catch some for a yummy lunch. Go on and tackle the surf!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

An original parish church, which has been damaged and now reconstructed, is a glorious place to see. The stunning windows display works of art of its creators and each of them also depict a story from the Bible. While amazing during the day, it is even better at night when the windows are illuminated. Don’t forget to visit this church which is of great religious importance to the people of Bunbury and to Australia as a whole. Day trip Perth to Bunbury.

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