Day trip from Perth, Fremantle to the Swan Valley

Day trip from Perth to the Swan Valley

Situated just half an hour away from Perth, Swan Valley is a place which you should definitely visit. Any tour which includes Swan Valley will have a wine tasting tour experience, and the reason for this, is Swan valley being the oldest wine region in Western Australia.

Swan Valley Wine Cruise from Perth

The best Swan Valley experience can be gained by going on a boat ride. This will help you see the whole area at once, and the history of this region will be much appreciated in this manner. You will get to enjoy tastings of wine, tea and cheese while on this cruise and enjoy them while learning about the wineries. When visiting the Sandalford winery, the local experts will explain all about wines, which will be a learning experience for you. Here, you can sample 6 types of wines in addition to a two course lunch which is prepared for you. Enjoy the tour overall, and come back with much knowledge about wines.

Swan Valley Food and Wine Day Trip from Perth

If you are an adventure loving foodie, this is the best tour which you can take and enjoy the value which it presents. This tour will include five different stops which offers wine, cheese as well as tastings of chocolate which will arouse your taste buds immensely. You can truly enjoy the amazing landscapes which you pass along the way between the stops in this tour.

Pinnacles and Swan Valley Day Trip

This is not the regular tour of Swan Valley taken by visitors, due to the fact that in addition to the wine tasting tour, it will involve visits to the Nambung National Park, which is a must see destination of the area. You will get the great opportunity to see the unliveable Pinnacles desert as well as sandboard at the sand dunes in Lancelin. Both are great experiences which you should have at least once in your life.

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