Day Trip To Bunbury

Planning a Day Trip To Bunbury? Another highlight of Western Australia, Bunbury is a popular beachside holiday spot which also happens to be a very busy port in the city. For visitors, there is plenty to do here and the mosaic of history, marine life, and scenic beauty all contribute to the attractive nature of this destination. Since it is located in close proximity to Perth, Bunbury also makes a popular destination for day trips from here.

Day Trip To Bunbury & Meet Some Dolphins

1. Dolphin Discovery Center

One of the biggest reasons for visiting Bunbury is to meet dolphins. Approximately 60 Bottlenose dolphins live in the bay year round and this number markedly increases during the summer months. When you visit this community-led centre you get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of dolphins. Learn about their many attributes that make them one of a kind. If you are interested in dolphin interaction, head over to the beach early in the day and one of the trained volunteers can introduce you to the local Dolphins. 

2. Bunbury Museum and Heritage Center

The original residents of Bunbury were the Wardani people and at this small museum you can learn all about their culture and way of life. There is a collection of interesting artifacts housed in this building and the multimedia exhibits have the effect of transporting visitors back time.  While you are at it learn a little bit about the explorers and colonizers who also played a part in the history of this region.

3. Bunbury Regional Art Gallery

The Art Gallery in Bunbury is among the most beautiful little spots to explore. It is housed in an old 2 story convent which is artistically recreated into a gallery. Among the pieces found here are both new and old exhibits depicting art over the decades.

4. Bunbury Wildlife Park

Australian wildlife is one of a kind and if you have not had your share of mingling with Kangaroos and Koalas this is probably one attraction in Bunbury that you should not miss out on.

Day trip to Bunbury


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