Day Trip to Rockingham from Mandurah

Day Trip to Rockingham from Mandurah is a must if you are in or visitng Western Australia.

Rockingham Tours

Swim with Wild Dolphins (meet the boat in Rockingham)
Swim with Wild Dolphins (including Perth CBD & Burswood Crown Hotel transfers)
Dolphin Swim Tour – A Lifetime Experience
Penguin Island Adventure Tour

Mandurah Tours

Dolphin & Scenic Marine Cruise
The Pirate Cruise
Murray River Lunch Cruise
Magical Christmas Lights Cruise – Tickets for Boat 1
Magical Christmas Lights Cruise – Tickets for Boat 2
Catch and Eat Crab Tour
Hillarys – Ocean Blast Tour (60 Minutes)
Hillarys – Ocean Blast Tour (30 Minutes)
ZARCHIVED Sunset Cruise
Mandurah – Awesome Estuary Tour (60 Minutes)
Mandurah – Extreme Open Ocean Tour
Dolphin Island Adventure
Mandurah Canal Cruise & Caversham Wild Life Park (Optional Lunch)
Mandurah Dolphins, Chocolate & Fremantle Tour
Mandurah Canals & Dolphin Watch Tour
Penguin Island & Mandurah Canal Cruise

Things To Do In Rockingham
Rockingham is only a 40-minute drive or train ride away from Perth. During the majority of the year, our unique northern-facing Palm Beach and Rockingham beaches provide sheltered swimming and water activity opportunities. Similarly, the Safety Bay area, which faces south, has some of the best sailing and windsurfing in the state.

Day Trip to Rockingham from Mandurah

Head up north from Mandurah and you will arrive at Rockingham which is a suburb of Perth. It is sometimes overlooked by tourists, but it is well worth a visit for its magnificent beaches and laid-back coastal culture. On the surface, it appears to be just a suburb, but if you scrape beyond the surface, you will discover some wonderful hidden gems.

The beaches are the main reason most people live in and visit Rockingham. The city’s whole northern and western outskirts constitute one long length of sand facing the Indian Ocean. Almost everywhere there are opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. Rockingham is a haven for bushwalkers and hikers. There are numerous nature trails and bushwalks.

Day Trips from Perth by Train Rockingham Guildford Swan Valley Fremantle
Since the nineteenth century, abundant sightseeing and recreational attributes have been the basis of a tourism industry. Visitors can launch small boats or board ferries to view dolphins, seals, pelicans and penguins in the adjacent Marine Park. The coast at nearby Safety Bay is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Swim with the Wild Dolphins’ Tours

Day trip to Bunbury Keep going to Bunbury Dolphin discovery Center for information (+618) 9591 1333 Hopefully, open in September in Rockingham

Bunbury is only an hours drive From Mandurah

Come face to fin and mingle with the wild dolphins in their natural habitat, for yet another experience memorable lifelong!  Grab the boat tour from Perth that takes you to the dolphin pods in the sea around Rockingham, where you can enjoy your swim alongside dolphins that love humans.

Things to Do in Bunbury in Summer
Bunbury is situated 175 kilometres (109 mi) south of Perth, at the original mouth of the Preston River and near the mouth of the Collie River at the southern end of the Leschenault Inlet, which opens to Koombana Bay and the larger Geographe Bay which extends southwards to Cape Naturaliste.

Tandem Skydiving Over Rockingham

Step outside your comfort zone and reach for the stars!  Feel the ultimate adrenalin rush as you tandem skydive over Rockingham!  After a scenic plane ride at 15,000 feet above the group level, finally, it is time for you to jump off the plane!  Your expert instructor will prepare you for the countdown and together you will make the ultimate jump!

As you float over the skies at 15,000 feet and soak up the astonishing views of the idyllic coastlines and islands of Australia such as the Shoalwater islands, Cockburn Sound, Garden Island, Rottnest Island as well as Perth city(Things to do in Perth), you will really feel the effort was worth it.  You might even catch a glimpse of the amazing sight of dolphins playing in the water right under your nose!

Things to do in mandurah
An experience to remember. Skydiving takes about 5-7 minutes from takeoff to landing, plus about 20 minutes in the plane. It may not seem like a long time, but your body will go into superhero mode, hyper aware of every moment, as a result of all the new sensations. It’ll feel like the longest minutes of your life are ahead of you!

Penguin watching tours on Penguin Island

Penguin Island is a small island, 660 meters from Rockingham.  It is home to approximately 1200 penguins. The waters surrounding it make up the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. You can walk over to Penguin Island at low tide, not recommended as there have been some tragedies in the past. book one of the many tours that start from Perth and takes you right into the cold world of the Penguins.

Observe the little fellows feeding, chatting, resting, nesting, and playing in their little cliffs, small sea caves, headlands, beaches, coves, notches, and natural bridges as well as wave-cut platforms on your Day Trip to Rockingham from Mandurah.

Day trip Perth to Penguin Island
While the island’s little penguins are the island’s main attraction, many other nesting and roosting seabirds can be seen including a 500-strong colony of pelicans. Penguin Island’s varied geographical features include cliffs, small sea caves, headlands, beaches, coves, notches and natural bridges. There are also numerous wave-cut platforms.

Best Places to Snorkel near Perth Western Australia

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