Day Trip to York From Perth

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Visit York Day Trip to York From Perth

York is Western Australia’s oldest inland town and arguably, the best preserved historical town in entire Australia.

Get the feel of what it is like to live in a colonial town at typical outback Australia.  Among the many buildings and structures that you can visit in a day trip from Perth are the:

  • Historical York Motor Museum
  • Courthouse Complex
  • Avon River Suspension Bridge
  • The Town Hall

More importantly, York, which is situated 90 minutes away from Perth’s CBD, is renowned for being the largest skydiving resort of Australia.

Day Trip to York From Perth: Skydiving

Go for the ultimate adrenalin rush!  Jump off the plan from an extreme altitude of up to 14,000 feet! Experience the earth rushing up to meet you at 200 km/hr speed during the free-fall for up to an insane 60 seconds, under the care of a Tandem Jump Master.  The float that comes after over the spectacular bird’s eye view scenery of the historical township of York and the Avon Valley for 5 – 7 minutes is really worth the insane dive!

Choose from among a variety of skydiving packages!  The least costly dive is York 7,000 ft Tandem Skydive that costs from $ 199 and the most expensive one is York 14,000 ft Tandem Skydive at $ 279.

Or select the experience where nothing can prepare you as you step out into the emptiness at 15,000 ft at the Weekday Tandem Skydive for $ 279.

Simply skydive solo for a cost of $ 80 – $ 120.  Or skydive for as low as $ 25 if you have your own equipment and only need a ride up.  Tandem skydive for $ 120 – $ 250 (without the 10-20% instructor’s tip).

Train for Accelerated Free Fall for approximately $ 1500 that includes 7 – 10 jumps or select indoor skydiving for $ 20 – $ 30 per minute.

Visit York!  Step outside your comfort zone and push personal boundaries with a skydiving experience you will remember forever!

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