Day trip to York Toodyay and Northam Western Australia

Day trip to York Toodyay and Northam Western Australia

Day trip to York Toodyay and Northam Western Australia. It is now possible to travel in WA Carona Virus restrictions have been lifted  within WA

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Being the oldest inland town of Australia, York is arguably the best-preserved historic town in the whole country.  York is just 90 minutes away from Perth CBD.  The colonial town can be your family getaway and has so much to offer.  The following are some of its attractions;

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York is the largest skydiving resort in Australia.  Brave the insane dive from an extreme altitude of up to 14,000 feet and meet up the earth rushing at you at 200 km/hr speed.  Be awestruck at the astonishing scenery of the historical township at bird’s eye view!


The historical York Motor Museum, Courthouse Complex, Avon River Suspension Bridge and the Town Hall are among the many buildings and structures that you can visit on a day trip to York.


Australia’s Tidy Town winner of 2015, Toodyay is famous for its hospitality as well as tranquillity and heritage.  Toodyay is 87 km away north-east of Perth.  Some of the day-trip charming venues of Toodyay are as follows;

Two days in Toodyay WA, 13-15 October -

Gaol Museum of Newcastle:   

Revel in the bushranger days of Australia within the solid walls of this historic museum built by convicts.  The amazing displays that portray the history of the Toodyay region will help you to understand the township of Toodyay.

Free-range Emu Farm:   

Walk among young emu families for a different experience at the world’s oldest emu farm, 10 km away from Toodyay.  The best period of April – August will let you witness how emus start a family in their natural bush setting. 


The Avon Valley is the ultimate place to watch the world awaken below you in the magical light of the sun’s waking rays, as you float over Northam in a hot air balloon.  Get to your launch site from the Northam Airfield to board your balloon.  Traverse over the rural setting of the erect hills, lush green fields, meandering streams, farms, and forests at sunrise, taking in the serenity of it all.  Return to Northam for a sumptuous champagne breakfast.

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