Day trip to York, Western Australia

Do you know the town that has a similar name to that found in the United Kingdom? It is none other than York and it is a town in Western Australia that is an amazing place to visit. York is famous for its historic suspension bridge and motor museum and offers a unique experience for a fun day trip with your entire family.

The town is located 72 kilometres east of the city of Perth.

York Motor Museum

The York Motor Museum is filled with classic cars and racing bikes. It was established in 1979 and has a complete collection of automobiles around the world. You will find vintage cars around you and it is a one-stop attraction. You can also learn the history of automobiles in the location.


Skydiving is a popular activity in York. If you are an adventurer or a thrill seeker, you can book a sky diving package online. You can check the website and decide on a preferred package.

Mount Brown Lookout

Mount Brown Lookout is the ideal place for sunsets and a family picnic. It is an ideal place to take pictures as well.

York Courthouse Complex

The York Courthouse Complex is a heritage building. It was constructed in 1852 You can walk around the courthouse as it offers a glimpse of the past.

Avon River Suspension Bridge

This is one bridge that you need to experience while you are in York. It is located is close proximity from Lowe Street York.  It is a stable and solid bridge, so you don’t need to be afraid of the height.

Great Southern Gallery

If you are looking to buy souvenirs this is the best place to do it. You can choose from a variety of fine furniture, unique gifts, and excellent quality art.

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