Day Trip To Toodyay

Located within the picturesque Avon Valley just one hour from the city of Perth Toodyay makes an ideal day trip destination from Perth. With a combination of hospitality, tranquillity, heritage, art and food there is a lot for visitors to love about this place.

Overview of Toodyay

Cleanliness is a characteristic trait of Toodyay and you will actually notice how clean this place looks from the moment you set foot here. In fact it has also won the Australia’s National Tidy Town Award and this comes as no surprise.


There is so much to see in Toodyay and thanks to its immaculate appearance, exploring this region is a pleasant experience that many visitors find relaxing. Plenty of heritage buildings adorn the streets of Toodyay, showcasing the rich history this region boasts of. If you enjoy natures treasures get onto one of Toodyay’s walking trails that takes you through some of the area’s most picturesque landscapes.

Dining in Toodyay

Dining is also big in Toodyay and from hotels to restaurants, food is given enormous importance. So if you are looking to tantalize your taste-buds Toodyay will most certainly not disappoint. From variety to rich flavours, Toodyay caters to the foodie in you.

Day trip to Toodyay

Getting to Toodyay

You can always drive to Toodyay from Perth and that’s probably one of the easiest methods of covering the area within a day. But if for whatever reason driving is not an option for you there are always trains and buses that can you opt for. There are 28 Avonlink train services to Toodyay every week. This is a very comfortable commuter service that includes facilities such as air conditioning, footrests and frees Wi-Fi.  So if you are looking to explore Toodyay with maximum comfort and minimum effort this is probably one of the best transportation options available.

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