Day Trip To York In Western Australia

Day Trip To York In Western Australia

York Western Australia

York is Western Australia’s oldest inland town. The town, founded in 1831, is known for its rich past, colonial architecture, and great natural beauty. York, bordered by National Park and located 97 kilometers from Perth, entices you to uncover its hidden secrets with its festival ambiance, cultural landscape, and rural beauty.

What’s unique about York?

People are drawn to York because of its festival vibe, cultural landscape, and rural beauty. They want to find out more about it. You may dine outside at one of the numerous alfresco cafés, bars, or restaurants that cater to people of different tastes. Hot air ballooning, gliding, and other more sedate sports such as cycling, cultural walks, and hiking are options for those who want to have a good time.

Activities in York might keep you entertained for the better part of the day. A few of the more notable stops on these trips are York Town Hall, the York Motor Museum, Mt. Brown Lookout, and several other parks.

Shopping enthusiasts may indulge in their passion at one of the many attractive retail establishments that line the old streets of York. Every visitor will find something unique to take home as a souvenir of their trip. Enjoy the luxurious surroundings of York’s homesteads, self-contained CBD lodgings, or the warm and welcoming atmosphere of York’s bed & breakfast inns.

Day trip to York

York may be done in a day, but go there early so you have plenty of time to explore. Most attractions have different opening days and hours, so check the visitor website first. Eat at one of the many alfresco cafés, bars, and restaurants that cater to all tastes. Play in the clouds with hot air ballooning, gliding, or more sedate sports like cycling, heritage walks, or trails.

Perth to York Tours

Day Trip Perth to york
York is the oldest inland town in Western Australia, situated on the Avon River, 97 kilometres east of Perth in the Wheatbelt, on Ballardong Nyoongar land, and is the seat of the Shire of York. Day Trip To York In Western Australia

Day Trip To York In Western Australia. York is one of Western Australia’s most beautiful towns with charming architecture.  This town was the first inland European settlement in Western Australia, founded in 1831.  Given its proximity to Perth, the historical town of York can be visited in a single day through guided day trips.  However, you can enjoy a great day in York independently too.  

1. York, Wildflowers and Aboriginal Cultural Day Tour from Perth

∙ Pick-up at Perth

You can be picked up from selected Perth city hotels on request at the time of booking.

∙ York Town Hall

Firstly, visit the Town Hall of York and admire its charming architecture.  Take a stroll along the main town strip and admire the old buildings before travelling on to Hyden.  Pause at a dog cemetery in honour of working Australian sheepdogs along the way.

∙ Wildflower Shoppe

A little further on the journey, sit down to an Aussie country-style lunch amidst beautiful scenery.  Choose to visit a wildlife park or check out the antique lace collection.

Wildlife Park

Secondly, wander through the wildlife park and enjoy watching native Australian animals such as kangaroos, emus, wallabies, wombats, koalas and birds.  

Antique Lace Collection

Alternatively, view the antique lace collection that dates back to the 1600s and preserved in beautiful hand-crafted cabinets. 

∙ Wild Flowers

Seasonally, admire Western Australia’s renowned wildflowers during this tour.  The wildflower season runs September to November.  These carpets of colourful wildflowers make excellent photo opportunities.

2. 7000-Feet Tandem Skydiving Midweek Tour 

Day trip to York from Perth
A screaming adventure. Day Trip To York In Western Australia

Try this adrenalin-pumping experience at 7000 feet high in the air!  Experience the ultimate thrill of free-fall as the earth rushes forward to meet you at more than 200 mph!  Exit the aircraft at 7000 feet and experience the thrill of the 15-second free-fall until the tandem instructor opens your parachute at 5000 feet.  Indulge in the excitement as you glide over to landing.

Sky dive York

∙ Special Features of This Tour

✔  The ultimate thrilling experience of tandem skydiving

✔  15-second free-fall from 7000 feet

✔  Magical views down below the Avon Valley and surrounds

✔  Award-winning safe drop zone

✔  Experience gift pack with personalised voucher and message card

✔  Skydiving facility that includes private airfield, pool, sauna, café and bar

✔  Individual guidance from the tandem instructor for the entire duration of the skydive

3. Wildflower Nature Reserves near York

The following are some nature reserves plentiful in wildflowers near York; 

  • St Ronan’s Reserve and Mokine Reserve (approximately 20 km from York on the Great Southern Highway)
  • Wallaby Hills Reserve (approximately 30 km from York on the old Goldfields Road)

These nature reserves are blessed with an impressive variety of spring wildflowers.  Some of them are Pygmy Sundew, Yellow Hibbertia, Rosy-cheeked Donkey Orchids, climbing fringed Lily, Mouse Ears and Dampiera.  

The weather in York is a little iffy

The weather impacts everything, and day trips to York are no different. So, it’s a good idea to check the official weather prediction every day. York’s average temperature varies substantially from day to day. Even with the high levels of humidity, the year-round temperatures are pleasant. But the summers are hot, and the winters are freezing, with little likelihood of either rain or snow. Compared to other tourist destinations throughout the globe, the region has mild weather, ranking in the 52nd percentile for pleasant weather.

January, February, and December are the warmest months to visit York. Most of the year’s highest temperatures are experienced in late January, when highs are consistently around 36 °C and lows are seldom lower than 18 °C at night.

Places to visit in York

York Motor Museum

Established in 1979, the museum has a complete collection of automobiles from around the world and is considered as one of the finest private collections of Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Racing Cars in Australia depicting a vivid picture of the evolution of the motor vehicles to the present day. Just a 5-minute drive away from York, the museum is situated in the Avon Terrace.

York Motor Museum
The York Motor Museum is a motor vehicle museum on Avon Terrace in York, Western Australia. It is housed in a group of shops and commercial premises “unified by a classical parapet with classical cappings and balusters” constructed by the Windsor family in 1908.

Mount Brown Lookout

Being only a 4-minute drive from York via Pioneer Drive, it is a popular place to visit. Mount Brown Lookout offers a panoramic view of the easy-going Western Australian town of York. Located at a height of 342 m, it provides a panoramic view of York. Being at a high altitude, it is ideal to see the sunset and the sunrise.

Avon River Suspension Bridge

The Suspension Bridge is another picturesque construction. The view while being on the bridge is mesmerizing with the Avon river on full display. The ducks on the tranquil water of the river magnify the beauty. The park adjacent to the bridge is equipped with BBQ’s and seating with shade which will be an ideal place to enjoy your time while being alone or with the family.

York Town Hall

One of the most popular buildings in York, it was constructed in 1911. Considered as an icon, it epitomizes the historic appeal of York due to the stunning architecture of the building. Hence, it is a must view in York.

Court House Museum, Art Galleries & Gaol

Visit the museum to get a sense of what life was like for convicts during that time period. Take a moment to sympathize with those held there as you make your way through the jail yard. Take a leisurely stroll from one exhibition to the next to see Aboriginal and modern Australian art forms.

Canola Fields

Canola flowering times and length might vary from year to year depending on rainfall and the weather patterns in the area.

Canola is the third-largest crop in Western Australia, after wheat and barley, and is an essential source of oilseeds for the country. A food-grade oil, Canola is also utilized as animal feed and in biofuel manufacturing. Tourists may only go around Canola and take pictures at Canola tourist spots, which are the only ones that are accessible.

It is unlawful to visit private Canola properties to photograph them outside of Canola tourist sites. And doing so may pose a biohazard and safety risk to you and the crop.

York Trails

Throughout the township, there are a variety of trails for walkers, bikers, and those wishing for a leisurely drive. York is also home to many road cycling and mountain biking events each year. The beginning of your tour across the Avon Valley is right here.

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