Day Trips from Cervantes

Day Trips from Cervantes ? Pinnacles are the must-see!

A day trip from Cervantes to the deserts? No, we are not talking about an ordinary desert you usually think off. There are many deserts in the world, yeah. Nothing very much interesting about them, right? But imagine a vast sandy desert with hundreds of spiky limestone formations all over it – so you feel like you are in another world… If you are planning a day trip from Cervantes, you can’t omit this spectacular pinnacle desert! Book your day trip from Cervantes now!

Top Day Trips from Cervantes

Cervantes Pinnacles Drive, Nambung National Park
Cervantes Hangover Bay, Nambung National Park
Cervantes Thirsty Point Lookout offers a great view of the surrounding islands!
Emu Downs Wind Farm
Pinnacle Helicopter Flights

Tours Departing From Cervantes

Cervantes Full-Day Tour to Pinnacles Desert and Yanchep National Park
Pinnacles and Swan Valley Day Trip from Perth Including Caversham Wildlife Park, Vineyard Lunch, Pinnacles and Sandboarding
Pinnacles and Yanchep National Park Day Trip from Perth Including Lobster Shack Lunch and Sandboarding
Pinnacles Desert, New Norcia and Wildflowers Day Tour from Perth

Cervantes Day Trip Deals

Pinnacles 4wd Safari Adventure, full Day 4WD Safari Adventure
Pinnacles and Caversham Wildlife Park Coach Tour, Full Day Small Coach Tour
Pinnacles New Norcia And Wildflowers, Day Luxury Coach Tour
Monkey Mia Kalbarri And Pinnacles, 3 Days Luxury Coach Tour

Free Trips from Cervantes

Our earth is four billion years old, right? How about if you got a chance to see a lake that has rocky formations that are dated to be 3.2 billion years old? Unbelievable, huh? A free visit to Lake Tethis in Cervantes will let you see these ‘Stromatolites’ in all their glory! A snapshot of the earth during the Precambrian era! Truly beautiful!
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