Day trips from Perth by train

Day trips from Perth by train

Penguin Island

You can take the Mandurah train from Perth Central and get off the train at Rockingham Station. You should walk down to Discovery Centre and get on to a ferry that is available every hour. The boat ride will only take one hour.
You will get to meet the smallest penguins in the world that live happily together on “Penguin Island. It is a nature reserve close to Perth. The island is the home of many creatures and birds and also these penguins. You will even get a chance to observe whales, dolphins, and nesting pelicans. These are places where you can swim, snorkel, and picnic.

Fremantle, filled with old and new charms

You just need to jump onto Perth Central to Fremantle station which is the final stop on the Fremantle line. There are trains available at 5.23 AM, 5.38 AM, 5.57 AM, and 6.12 AM from Perth station. These train will reach Fremantle station in about 30 minutes. Going to Fremantle and getting back is a 2 zone fare which costs around 7.40 dollars.

Fremantle is an old Australian city

The streets of Fremantle date back to the 19th century and one of the best-preserved streetscapes in the world. You can expect great coffee, fabulous artisanal food, quirky boutiques, and handcrafted beers at this must-visit setting. Highlights of Fremantle include Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Markets, Western Australia Maritime Museum, and the Fremantle fishing Boat harbor.

Rottnest Island, the getaway

Right after arriving at Fremantle by train, you can catch an express ferry to the spectacular Island of Rottnest. It is the home of the happiest animal in the world, the Quokka. The Island is a perfect place for a peaceful getaway. The Island lacks mortised vehicles and the best way to access and explore the Island is by bicycle. The island also provides stunning views, lighthouses, and hidden caves making it a perfect day trip destination.

What’s on in Perth ?

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