Day Trips from Perth by Coach

Western Australia’s capital, Perth is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Visit Perth and its stylish coastal neighbor Fremantle, the Margaret River region with its wineries and spectacular shoreline, the dramatic natural beauty of the Pinnacles Desert and Wave Rock, or the subtropical paradise of Rottnest Island for a terrific adventure.

Day Trips from Perth by Coach are the greatest option if you want a luxurious travel experience with onboard entertainment and ample seating. A day trip is a one-day journey that includes air conditioning to comfort you during the warmer months. Create great memories that will last far beyond the day with following Day Trips from Perth by Coach.

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Day Trips from Perth by Coach to Wave Rock

Situated in the South West region of WA, it will take less than four hours to reach the Wave Rock from Perth. There are regular coaches which you can take to visit this exotic location. The Wave Rock is essentially a very ancient formation of granite, which is a result of the weather it has been exposed to. With more than 60 million years of exposure to wind and water erosion, it has formed the shape of a tall wave. The Wave Rock forms the north of the Hyden rock as well.

Day Trips from Perth by Coach to Historic York

This is a small, historic town which exists beyond the limits of the city. You can enjoy the historic values of this city by paying a visit to the town. The beautifully preserved buildings, the historic ambience and the high quality cafés are some aspects which you would not want to miss. However, this town is all about high class and sophistication. York is sone of the most well-preserved and restored premier towns in Australia.

Day Trips from Perth by Coach to Corrigin

Located approximately 2.5 hours from Perth, this is a town which will offer you friendliness and welcome, where you will see the daily farming related activities which takes place here.

The Dog Cemetery

A must visit area of Corrigin is the Dog Cemetery. Built as a tribute to Man’s Best Friend, and marked by a statue of a dog, this cemetery has been used to bury more than 200 such furry friends.

Day Trips from Perth by Coach visit The Pioneer Museum

A totally worthwhile visit if you are visiting Corrigin. You will get to see a whole collection of tools, farm machinery, tractors which are still working, and much more. There will also be a Memorial Wall which depicts the photos of some early settlers in this town. A definite must see, the museum will display a shearing shed, clothing worn by the settlers, old photographs of the people and a school which had only one room. Prepare yourself to be amazed at the displays offered.

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