Day trips from Perth to the Pinnacles, Fremantle, Rottnest Island and Kings Park

Day trips from Perth to the Pinnacles Fremantle Rottnest Island and Kings Park

What to do for 4 days in Perth

Take a day trip to the Pinnacles

This is a very special experience, the rock formation are stunning, the shadows from the rocks that have stood the test of time leave one with a special memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Fremantle Prison

This prison has a sad feel about it, it has been home to prisoners for a long time before becoming a tourist Prison. There were executions here and the guides will take you to the execution chamber and also to the cell where the prisoners were help. There are some creepy surprises when you visit the prison so do go on the night visit.

Rottnest Island
This island is only a short ferry ride From Perth and Fremantle. It is worth a day trip, you will see the Quokkas, these small creatures are lovable and quite use to tourist. They are almost extinct in most of main land area of Western Australia. The Island has a sad history in that it was used to be a prison for Aboriginals and then later to house Italian Prisoners of war in World War Two.

Today the island has accommodation and pubs and cafes where you can rest after your day on the Island. There is no traffic on the island so do go for a trip around the Island by bicycle before you catch your ferry back to Fremantle or Perth.

Day trips from Perth to the Pinnacles Fremantle Rottnest Island and Kings Park:  Kings park

Kings Park is just a short bus ride and has the botanical gardens as well as flora and tress from different part of Western Australia. There are also free waling trips with experience local guides. The park has some magnificent views of Perth city from some of its restaurants and cafes.

The park is a favorite with both locals and tourist as a great place to walk and discover all its secret little gardens.

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