Day trips from Perth to Toodyay York and Northam Australia


Day trips from Perth to Toodyay York and Northam Australia

Perth to York Day Trip in Spring

Day trips from Perth to Toodyay York and Northam Australia
York is an inland town in the Experience Perth tourist region’s Wheatbelt area. York is bordered by the rolling farmlands of the Avon Valley, and it is the main town in the area, functioning as a tourism and administrative hub for the neighboring settlements.

Day trips from Perth to Toodyay York and Northam Australia. Northam, York, and Toodyay are vintage towns, and visiting these locations is a great way to explore the charming Avon valley. There are a variety of experiences on offer. You can explore the country towns, potter through museums and craft shops, go air ballooning, and set out on bush walks.Read below find our more about Day trips from Perth to Toodyay York and Northam Australia

Distance from Perth:  It is 100 km east of Perth and approximately 90 minutes from Perth on National Highway 94 and Great Southern Highway.

The quaint town of York is steeped in history, as WA’s first inland European settlement. Established in 1831, the town is nestled on the banks of the Avon River and offers a unique insight into WA’s history through its heritage precinct and preserved colonial architecture.

History buff Heritage Walk Trail

If you have a love for the past, pick up a York Heritage Walk Trail booklet from the Visitor Centre. York, is a place for those interested in the more historical side and features a heap of heritage-listed buildings. It’s also filled with things to do, including a Town Hall visit, Residency Museum, the old Courthouse & Gaol.

Swinging bridge Avon River 

The Avon River swinging bridge  is for the more adventurous folks out there and is a must in the Perth to York day trip in Spring. 


Do you love hiking ? Then don’t forget to bring your walking shoes for a short walk up to the Mount Brown lookout, or get serious with one from the host of walk trails around the area, including along the glorious Avon River.

Wild Flower season

York is also renowned for its vibrant wildflower season. The York Bushland Garden is just a short walk from town, and displays over 300 species of the region’s flora – many that are rare in their natural habitat. York’s canola display is equally as impressive, and information for each season can be obtained from the Visitor Centre during the Perth to York day trip in spring. The wildflower season is from September to November while mid-August to September is the canola season.

australian wildflowers
York, Western Australia, is one of the state’s most historic cities, but it’s a tourist destination that’s often neglected, maybe because it lacks the beaches and famous natural wonders seen in the state’s more well-known places.

Mount Brown Lookout

Enjoy the spectacular views at the Mount Brown lookout during your Perth to York day trip in Spring.  

Perth to Northam Day Trip in Spring

Northam is a town in the Australian state of Western Australia, situated at the confluence of the Avon and Mortlock Rivers, about 97 kilometres east-northeast of Perth in the Avon Valley. At the 2016 census, Northam had a population of 6,548. Northam is the largest town in the Avon region.

Seven Localities

The vast Avon Valley covers seven localities, from Beverley in the south to New Norcia in the north. Potter around quaint townships such as York, roam around in spring to see pretty wildflowers, delve into pioneer history and drive among rolling hills during the Perth to Northam day trip in Spring.  

Public Silo Trail

To see the picturesque valley from above, take a ride with Windward Balloon Adventures, based in Northam. Arrive hungry in the benedictine community of New Norcia and sample artisan treats such as nut cake and breads baked in the monastery’s century-old wood-fired oven. Quench your thirst with Abbey Ale, aged in the cellars beneath the monastery. If you have extra time, consider driving the PUBLIC Silo Trail to see intricate large-scale murals painted on towering grain silos. 

Places of Interest

While in Northam you can also visit Northam Heritage Centre- Old Northam Railway station, Bernard Park, Morby Cottage and Morrell park. In addition don’t forget to visit Mount Ommaney to enjoy great lookouts

Avonbrook Wines

It is a winery and wineyard and few wines are on sale but all are worth tasting and don’t forget to try it during your Perth to Northam day trip in Spring..

Perth to York Day Trip

Visit the oldest inland town of York in Western Australia this April.  Experience its usual historical and architectural charm along with the April attractions.  The township of York can be visited on a day-trip from Perth.  Explore York’s historical attractions on your own.

Perth to Toodyay Day Trip

Visit the charming historic town situated on the Avon River this April.  Cover the short distance from Perth by self-drive.  Explore the picturesque town and its historical attractions on your own.  Enjoy a relaxing day trip filled with fun-filled holiday activities.

Day trip to Toodyay WA
The first European settlement occurred in the area in 1836. After flooding in the 1850s, the townsite was moved to its current location in the 1860s.

Perth to Northam Tours

Day trips from Perth to Toodyay York and Northam Australia, The historic town of Northam is a heritage-listed town that sits on the banks of the Avon River.  Enjoy its rich cultural heritage and other attractions while you are at this township on a self-guided tour.

1. Northam Weekend Adventure Tour

Engage in a self-guided adventure tour over the weekend in the historical vintage town of Northam.  The following itinerary is suggested for you;

Day 1:-

  • Sunrise balloon ride over the picturesque Avon Valley followed by champagne breakfast
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Cool off at the Northam Swimming Pool or water playground
  • Evening show and dinner

Day 2:-

  • Breakfast at a local café 
  • Rally school for speeding around a track/flying lesson at the Aero Club
  • Pursuing a walk or drive trail
  • Dinner with live music

2. Northam Weekend Heritage & Culture Tour

Visit the historical town of Northam for a self-guided heritage and culture tour over the weekend.  The following itinerary is suggested for you;

Day 1:-

  • Breakfast on the go
  • The Cultural history of the town at Bilya Koort Boodja
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Northam’s modern history at Northam Heritage Centre
  • Dinner at a local pub

Day 2:-

  • Breakfast at a local café
  • Self-guided historical buildings tour
  • Exploring Northam’s first house – Morby Cottage
  • Scenic drive and observing Glenfield homestead
  • Dinner at a local restaurant

3. The Public Silo Art Trail

Pursue the Public Silo Art trail that runs through the entire Central Wheat-belt Region beginning at Northam.  These were the first set of silos to be painted in Australia.  The silos carry great artwork by two internationally acclaimed artists Phlegm (UK) and Hense (US).  Phlegm’s art is of whimsical transportation devices while Hense’s abstract designs bleed into each other across the silos.

4. The Suspension Bridge

Stroll along the walk trails leading to one of the longest pedestrian bridges in Australia, the Suspension Bridge in Northam.  The Suspension Bridge stretches across the Avon River.  Admire the tranquil waters of the river and the graceful white swans gliding through the water.  This is the only natural breeding ground for these magnificent white swans in Australia.  

For more information, please visit;

5. Bernard Park

Spend a relaxing day out with your family at the beautiful Bernard Park, situated along the banks of the Avon River.  The park teems with wildlife throughout the year, most importantly the plentiful and majestic white swans.  

family at park
Relax with your loved ones.

∙ Attractions of the Park;

Visit Bernard Park in August to find it as a hive of activity in preparation for the Avon Descent.  Avon Descent is a 134 km white water race down the Avon River to Perth.  Also, picturesque picnic spots under 100-year-old Pine trees of the park provide electric BBQs.  In addition to the above, Bernard Park is also home to various festivals and the Northam Markets.

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6. Historic Northam Flour Mill

Stroll along the suspension bridge over the Avon River and visit the historic Northam Flour Mill.  Being a pioneer industry since 1867, the mill has historical significance.  For over 140 years it provides employment for the local people and carries a social significance as well.  Moreover, it influences the townscape and streetscape character as a landmark on the banks of Avon River.  

For more information on the flour mill, please visit;

7. Bilya Koort Boodja Centre

The Bilya Koort Boodja Centre for Nyoongar Culture and Environmental Knowledge is a regional tourist attraction located at Northam.  This venue offers an interactive educational experience that recognizes the Aboriginal community in the Nyoongar Ballardong region.  The Centre protects, shares and celebrates the culture of the Nyoongar people.  

For more information, please visit;

Day Trips from Perth to Today

Toodyay is located about 85 km from the city of Perth. It is nestled between the banks of the Avon River and scenic hills. It retains its unique country charm that comprises of veranda clad shops and pub while being a perfect example for 19th-century architecture.

You will also get to see spectacular scenery when you head further out and there are also a number of lovely country roads to travel on. You will find lavender fields, olive groves, local artisans old, and new vineyards producing unique blends.

Day Trips from Perth to York

York is the first inland European settlement in Western Australia and was established in 1831. It is located 97 km east of Perth. York is an ideal example of its colonial architecture and heritage precinct. Birds and wildflowers will complement the open gardens. There is a wide range of experiences on offer that includes wine festivals to country racing.  

Day Trips from Perth to Northam

hot air baloon
Northam is home to a broad selection of tourism and heritage activities, including hot air ballooning, cultural events, wildflowers, tours & trails, historic buildings, horse racing, white swans, and much more.

Northam is only an hour away for Perth city. It is an ideal base to explore the Avon Valley. Northam is the largest inland town in Western Australia and is home to over 185 Heritage listed buildings. You will also find a variety of restaurants and cafes for fine dining.

The area around Northam was first explored in 1830 by a party of colonists led by Ensign Robert Dale, and subsequently founded in 1833. It was named by Governor Stirling, probably after a village of the same name in Devon, England. Almost immediately it became a point of departure for explorers and settlers who were interested in the lands which lay to the east. Source

You can choose a number of activities while you are in Northam. You can go hot air ballooning, white water rafting, sky diving, and hand gliding while you are there. The Avon River flows through the town and you can picnic on the riverside and observe the elegant white swan which was brought here by the settlers 150 years ago.

Day trips from Perth to Toodyay York and Northam Australia, these places are steeped in early WA history and will give the visitor a enjoyable day experiencing some beautiful places, scenery museums and place of interest.

Day trips from Perth to Toodyay York and Northam Australia Events

The Elevate Festival

Northam, Australia’s premier hot air ballooning destination, hosts the Elevate Festival, a one-of-a-kind hot air balloon themed event.

The event marks the beginning of the 23rd National Ballooning Championships, which will take place in Northam from May 02 to May 07, 2022.

This ticketed nighttime event will be hosted at Henry Street Oval in Northam ($5 adults / $2 children under 18 years and accompanied by an adult). It offers viewers engaging options such as unique hot air balloon experiences, live music, market kiosks, and the opportunity to meet hot air balloon pilots.

Sat, Apr 30, 4:00 PMNortham Recreation Centre • Northam, WAStarts at A$2.00

National Ballooning Championships

Following the cancellation of the 2021 National Ballooning Championships, the event will now be held from May 2 to 7, 2022 in Northam, Western Australia.

Balloon pilots from all across Australia will converge on the town for the National Ballooning Championships, where they will put their abilities to the test and fight for a seat in the World Championships.

The Elevate Festival, hosted by the Shire of Northam, will kick off the week-long visual spectacular on April 30. The festival will feature a variety of ballooning-themed activities, food and beverage options, markets, music, entertainment, and up-close views of hot air balloons. Balloon Shine is a visually stunning installation that will use balloon baskets arranged on the ground that will inflate and glow in the night to a musical backdrop (weather permitting)

Northam Aero Club • Northam, WAFree

Nature Know-How: Seasonal bushland appreciation walk

Take a leisurely stroll through a beautiful stretch of local wilderness and learn a lot about the flora and creatures along the way.

Karen from Life in the Bush will lead this enjoyable, informative bushwalk that connects local species to the Bunuru season (second summer: February-March), the adolescent season. Karen will assist in identifying and sharing her knowledge of native flora and creatures that may be encountered on the day, as well as keeping a watch out for evidence of concealed animals.

During the walk, Karen will talk about weather, soil, fungi, plant and animal relationships, human influences, dieback, fire, invasive plants, and feral animals, all of which are important to bushland biodiversity and conservation.

Sat, Mar 5, 8:30 AMBells Rapids • Brigadoon, WA

Wooroloo Connect Family Flick Friday

Doors open at 6 p.m. on Friday, January 21.

Bring your own bean bag/cushion (chairs will be available as well), as well as your movie snacks and drinks.

Freshly popped popcorn will be provided, as well as the movie!

For further information, call 0448 245 086… we haven’t chosen the film yet, but be assured it will be entertaining and family friendly!

Nature know-How: Birds of the Perth Hills

Talitha surreptitiously put together a book that she had professionally printed and given to her parents as a Christmas present when she was between the ages of 14 and 16. It has hand-painted maps, stunning photographs (shot by Talitha), an identification guide, a skittish rating, and photographic advice.

Talitha will cover the book’s creation process, photography techniques, bird call identification, and the identification of easily confused birds, as well as display a film she produced on local birds.

Thu, Mar 17, 5:30 PMLowery Park Hall • Bullsbrook, WAFree

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