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West Coast Cruisers day trips to the Pinnacles


The state of Western Australia is often overlooked and overshadowed by its rival, the east coast, but this stunning state has so much to offer. From quaint country towns to alluring national parks, there’s a myriad of spellbinding things just waiting to be discovered.

Western Australia is truly a land of superlatives and stunning contrasts. Its cities exude a vibrant, sophisticated feel with glitzy shops, stylish galleries, and gourmet restaurants. But the true lure is the beating hot heart of the vast desert and wild coastline, the bizarre rock formations and the sweeping fields of bewitching sceneries.

When it comes to Western Australia, there’s something alive, magical and unfettered about it. It’s a fertile stretch of verdant forests that abounds with wildlife, bone-white sand coves, rampant wildflowers, mesmerising waterfalls, breathtaking red gorges and miles of spectacular coastline. The state is also an ancient land and its Aboriginal cultures are more visibly present here than in the rest of Australia.

In Western Australia, it’s easy to fall in love with the wild, rugged beaches that are blissfully deserted; the endless blue sky, the incredible natural sights and the enthralling history and culture of the place. It’s a whole world out there, just waiting to be discovered.

Here we have gathered up a few of our favorite places to visit in Western Australia on a relaxing day trip and it’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Day Trips to York Western Australia

Ensconced on the banks of the beautiful Avon River in the gently undulating farmlands of the picturesque Avon Valley is York. It offers a unique insight into Western Australia’s rich and colorful past, both before and following European settlement in 1831.

York was the first inland settlement in Western Australia, and the town is replete with historic heritage listed Victorian and Federation buildings. A colorful plethora of local activities and facilities make it an attractive destination and a great place to live too.

York is one of those destinations that lures tourists from every building and street corner with its colonial charm. It is a place that is chock full of shops and entertainment designed to drawn in the visitor for a meal or to encourage them to buy some pretty little trinket as a memento of their visit. As the first township in the Avon Valley, York is full of exquisite old buildings and there is little doubt that it is one of the best preserved and restored nineteenth century towns in Australia.

York is not only about is quaint countryside and delightful pastures; it’s a town that stands as a true monument to the architecture of the late nineteenth century.

This remarkable town is a favorite escape for those wishing to enjoy nature, history, arts and crafts, as well as a number of adventurous outdoor activity. Despite its tranquility and laid back atmosphere, York is full of adrenaline-filled activities like hang gliding, skydiving and horse trekking, amongst other adventurous outdoor pursuits.

Day Trips to Mandurah Western Australia

Day Trips to Mandurah Western Australia
Jet Skiing Mandurah Western Australia

Stretching from the startling white sands and the azure blue waters of the coast to astonishingly rugged terrains, Mandurah is the perfect day trip destination. It boasts of activities that include exploring vast waterways and sweeping national parks, visiting wineries and bush walking along lush forest trails, to name a few.

Mandurah is a city that is bordered by the Indian Ocean, Peel-Harvey Estuary and the Serpentine River, making it a naturally nautical place. What started as a small seaside village has now transformed into a bustling tourist destination, with tourists flocking to its beaches and protected waterways for fishing and boating throughout the year.

A lively, cosmopolitan city, Mandurah boasts of a relaxed holiday atmosphere and its famed waterways provide endless activities such as fishing, swimming, crabbing, waterskiing, jet skiing and jetboarding. Additionally, no trip to Mandurah is complete without a boat cruise on the vast, silken waters of the estuary. This activity is a highlight of any day trip to this stunning location.

Mandurah’s eastern foreshore is perfect for family holidays. With plenty of attractions including an aquatic fun park, carnival and ample space to run around, the kids will love this part of Mandurah. Tree-fringed walkways, grassy picnic areas and safe swimming beaches make it the ideal destination for the whole family.

Day Trips to Penguin Island Western Australia

Day Trips to Penguin Island Western Australia
Penguin Island Western Australia

Boasting of sugar-white sandy beaches and encircled by dazzling, crystal clear waters, Penguin Islands is a unique nature reserve that is home to Western Australia’s largest colony of little penguins – the smallest species of penguin in the world. Lying in the heart of the ruggedly striking Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, this beautiful island is a favorite day trip destination in Western Australia for tourists and locals alike.

Penguin Island is accessible by ten-minute ferry ride that lets you catch a glimpse of wild dolphins and rare Australian sea lions before you get up close and personal with the world’s smallest penguins. Blessed with a diverse array of wildlife and breathtaking marine and coastal scenery, Penguin Island also offers plenty of other activities like exploring nature trails, swimming, surfing, snorkeling or to enjoying a family picnic in the safe, sheltered beaches.

Spotting these miniature penguins on Penguin Island during the day is can be rare as they are usually out swimming. Fortunately, the island is also home to ten rescued penguins who cannot survive in the wild without human care. This allows every visitor to Penguin Island to get the chance to see these adorable creatures up close in the Discovery Center throughout the day or during feeding times.

Day Trip to The Pinnacles in Western Australia

Day Trip to The Pinnacles in Western Australia
The Pinnacles in Western Australia

Part of Nambung National Park, this ethereal, and quite bizarre landscape is a photographer’s dream and really has to be seen to be believed. One of Western Australia’s iconic landscapes, the Pinnacles are the limestone formations located along Australia’s Coral Coast. These formations stand up to four metres in height, portraying a mesmerising array of faces, shapes and sizes.

Warm, golden sands, weather and wind-sculpted red spires, and startling blue skies make the Pinnacles a striking canvas that is simply awe-inspiring. These stunning natural limestone structures were formed approximately 25,000 to 30,000 years ago, after the sea receded and left deposits of sea shells. Over the course of time, coastal winds removed the surrounding sand, leaving the pillars exposed to the elements.

This otherworldly destination can be be explored on walking trails or a scenic drive and the best time to visit is when the sun is close to setting. The colours of this desert landscape and its sandy monoliths, which seem to stretch almost to the ocean, makes for an arresting sight at this time of day.

Best visited during the months of August to October when the days are mild and colorful wildflowers carpet the parched earth, the Pinnacles is also home to a number of wildlife, including emus and kangaroos.

The Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre is also worth a visit as you get to learn about the natural history and ecology of this curiously beautiful landscape. The park is also bordered by gorgeous stretches of sandy beach, where you can swim, snorkel, and surf.

Day Trip to Toodyay in Western Australia

Day trips from Perth to Toodyay York and Northam Australia
Toodyay in Western Australia

Situated on the Avon River, Toodyay is a charming and historic town that flaunts just the hint of alternative lifestyle. Steeped in history and nestled amongst the splendid landscape of the Avon Valley, this quaint town derived its name from the aboriginal word ‘Duidgee’, which means “place of plenty” and it stands as a testament to the fertility and richness of the region.

Toodyay prides itself on its immaculate heritage buildings, wonderful walk trail facilities that allow you to connect with nature, charming cafes and gift shops, an array of dining options to suite all taste buds and a variety of accommodation from bed and breakfasts to luxury retreats.

The primary appeal of the town lies in the excellent museum inside Connor’s Mill and the fascinating histories that are told inside the Newcastle Gaol. Experiencing Toodyay is like going back in time and it is a captivating place to visit in order to see how Australians lived over a century ago.

Toodyay displays an impressive wealth of cultural and natural heritage that can be seen and experienced throughout the year, with the changing seasons offering a new perspective of the landscape with each visit. The scenic beauty of the hills and the majestic Avon River are a sight to behold, while the whimsical town maintains the charms of a past era.

With its museums and historic buildings, arts and crafts, emu and alpaca farms, gardens, native flora and fauna, spectacular vistas, wonderful cuisine and so much more, Toodyay is a destination that must be experienced by everyone.

Only a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Toodyay is all about tranquillity, hospitality, heritage, unique artisans, interesting eateries and glorious valley views, making Toodyay the ideal day trip when in Western Australia. It is a beguiling destination that offers enough historic buildings and old world charm to satisfy any urban dweller.

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