Day Trips from Perth, Penguin Island, Araluen Botanic Park, Swan Valley

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Day Trips from Perth Western Australia

Perth, which is known as a popular tourist destination as well as the fourth largest city in Australia has many diverse attractions, good weather, fresh products as well as many different fun things to do.

Perth is Remote and the real Australia

Day Trips from Perth Western Australia
Perth is also known by some larger cities like Melbourne to be a remote city, but although it is a bit remote there are many areas to explore in this city as well. Perth possesses numerous adventurous tours, national parks, country towns and many more interesting areas. Hence some of the day trips you can travel from Perth are explored here.

Day Trips from Perth Western Australia to Penguin Island

Day Trips from Perth Western Australia
Located just 45 minutes South from Perth, this picturesque island is actually at the very heart of the Shoalwater islands Marine Park. You have the opportunity to indulge in a 10 minute ferry ride to the island, and glimpse wild dolphins as well as Australian sea lions while on the way to the island. Prepare to be bemused by their silly antics and don’t forget to take lots of photos. Penguin Island is home to yes, you guessed it! Penguins of course.

Smallest Penguins you have ever seen

Here you can see the smallest penguins you have ever seen. Prepare to be mesmerised by these adorable creatures as you get to spend time playing with them. These penguins also have feedings scheduled daily at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm so be sure to be there in time to see at least one feeding, which is not something to be missed. The bay is as clear as crystal, so you can snorkel or have a refreshing swim to finish off the visit.

Day Trips from Perth Western Australia Araluen Botanic Park

The Araluen Botanic Park is just a 35 km drive South-East from the city of Perth. The most beautiful secret garden in the state is 59 hectares full of gardens with diverse native plants which you can see. If you are looking for a place where you can get back to nature, then this is the place to go for.

The Araluen’s Chillie Festival

Many events and activities take place year-round at this park such as the Araluen’s Chillie Festival, the April school holiday program and the Easter themed Scavenger Hunt. The park is also popular for their tulips during springtime, and many other numerous plants which will grab the interest of any nature lover who will enjoy themselves immensely.

Day Trips from Perth Western Australia to the Swan Valley Gourmet Wine Cruise from Perth

Want to enjoy a cruise along the gorgeous Swan Valley? No problem, join this cruise from Perth and take in the beautiful scenic view of the Swan River as well as the city of Perth surrounding it when going on this Swan Valley Wine Cruise. You will also get to enjoy morning and afternoon tea, wine tastings aboard the boat during the cruise and a tour of the Sandalford winery.

lean about the Swan Valley wine and cheese

During the cruise, you can become well-informed about the Swan Valley and the surrounding area as well. Once you board, you can enjoy your morning tea, followed by Blue Cow Cheese and biscuits with premium tastings of special wines from the vineyards of Swan Valley. During the whole cruise, you will be given a commentary on the history of the river as well as the neighbouring areas so that you will be well informed about all these aspects. You will gain the unique opportunity to have a tour of the winery as well as taste 6 premium Sandalford wines

Day Trips from Perth Western Australia to Fremantle

Fremantle, which is known as Freo to the locals is a vibrant and active waterfront city in Perth. This city is set up against a gorgeous backdrop of the best preserved 19th century streetscape in the world.

Craft brews food and cappuccinos

There are many vibrant activities in which you can indulge in while visiting this city. There are craft brews, artisanal food, cappuccinos, great coffees, boutiques, arts, live music as well as festivals. You can even book a bunk at the Fremantle Prison for the night, which used to be a former prison cell and have the opportunity of a lifetime or you can also stay in a Victorian-style guard cottage as well.

Eerie Desert Sculptures at the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are located 155 miles North of Perth, and are a part of the Nambung National Park. These are an actually bizarrely formed landscape in the desert. The stunning pillars of limestone are set against shifting golden sand. This landscape should actually be seen to be believed since it is a very unusual formation and seems a bit otherworldly too sometimes. However, if you visit during spring, you will get a bonus of being able to see the wildflowers and wattles in bloom which adds a certain ambience to the scenery.
To view them in their best glory, you should visit the pinnacles when the sun sets so that they are ablaze with the rays of the setting sun. The colours will be more spectacular during this time of day. You may be able to see emus stalking between these spires as well which will be an amazing sight to see.


Busselton is located 222 kilometre South of Perth and hence is not a difficult place to find. All the aspects to enjoy in this areas will be revolving around a long jetty which is 1.8 kilometres long and is also the longest wooden pier in the world.

Visit the Jetty by train

You can either enjoy the walk down the jetty, or take the cute little red 50 seater train to view the area. If you choose the latter, make sure you sit right at the end of the train because there is an underwater observatory which you can access via a spiral stairway and can have an awesome view of the surrounding area. When visiting the jetty, you will see cavorting dolphins in the bay of Geographe. Also, if you visit the area between the months of September and December you may also see whales who have migrated to the bay to rest during the cold months and to nurse their young.

Serpentine Falls

With just a 1 hour drive from the central business district of Perth, the Serpentine falls offers an awesome atmosphere for visitors to indulge in during their stay. This visit can be done easily in a day trip from Perth and it is definitely worth it once you’ve visited. The park in the surrounding area reaches right up to the steep valley of the Serpentine River and the smooth gushing water of the serpentine falls can be viewed.

Swim and see the gray Kangaroos

You can enjoy a swim in the cool and refreshing waters of the falls, enjoy a homemade picnic with the grey kangaroos on the surrounding lawn or even enjoy a refreshing bushwalk. There are several walking trails in this area such as The Falls Walk Trail or the Kitty’s Gorge Walk Track with return walking times between 15 minutes and five hours. However, you should be mindful of the popular nature of these falls since in the peak season if you are not there before 11 am, you may be turned away due to too much crowds visiting the falls. Hence be sure to come as early as possible if you are visiting the Serpentine Falls during peak seasons.
Be sure to visit all these importance places highlighted since you should not miss these day trips when visiting Perth. You will not regret it since the enjoyment aspect will be to the maximum level and you can definitely get your money’s worth visiting these picturesque locations.

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