Day trips to the Swan Valley by Boat, Bus or Car

The Swan Valley

The Swan Valley is just 25 minutes away from the centre of Perth. It consists of award-winning wineries, distillers, brewers, restaurants, and cafes make up the Swan Valley’s food, and wine trail. It also is the location of the Caversham Wildlife Park.

Tour Highlights

King’s Park

You can start the day from King’s Park and Botanic Gardens to enjoy the view of Perth. You can enjoy the view of the Swan River and the skyline of Perth before the visit to the Botanic Gardens.

Wildlife Park

You can visit the Wildlife Park which is the home of the Wombats, Koalas, and the kangaroo which you can also feed.


You can have your lunch at the many restaurants that are set up on the beautiful wine yard.

Wine Tasting

You can taste premium wines at one of the best wine yards in Swan Valley. The Swan Valley is renowned as a winemaking region. You can try out a variety of premium vines while you are there.

Sweet tasting

Swan Valley is the venue of the largest factory of Western Australia. You can also visit the Honey Farm, Chocolatier, Coffee house, and Nougat factory, and taste the products produced there.

Aboriginal Culture

You can enjoy the culture and fascinating Art of the Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park is filled with a huge range of animals that are native to Australia. While you are there you can meet the friendly wombat, feed the Kangaroos, and feel the Koalas.

A day tour to Swan Valley could range from 78 Dollars to 190 Dollars which will depend on the Tour Company and what their package has to offer.

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