Diving in Western Australia

Diving in beautiful Western Australia

Diving in Western Australia. The ocean is a treasure yet to be unfolded fully.  From multi-colored coral reefs and marine life to ship-wrecks that still hold an air of mystery and adventure, the ocean, especially around Western Australia welcomes you!  Here are some of the best diving sites.

Rottnest Island

Ferries departing regularly from Fremantle Perth Barrack Street Jetty and Hillary’s Marina can easily take you to Rottnest Island, situated 19 km off the coast.  Or you can opt to arrive by helicopter or air taxi. You can even cruise across in your own boat.

On the shores of the island, 63 stunning beaches, 20 beautiful bays and many coral reefs and wrecks are found.  The diversity of fish, coral species and shipwrecks as well as its unique swim-through channels and caves await to give you that other-worldly experience memorable life-long.

The best time of the year for this site is January to April.  Introductory or certified tour costs +AUS $ 60. The Rottnest Island double boat dive costs AUS $ 249.  The Dolphin dive Rottnest Island costs AUS $ 160, while other tours cost AUS $ 150.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo is the only place in the planet that houses the largest coral reef.  It is also one of the few places in the world where you can swim with the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark.  You can reach Ningaloo by flight or through a road trip.

As you drift over 300 varieties of coral, you can meet around 500 species of fish, manta rays and turtles.  If you would like to have a swim with the largest fish, the best time would be late March o mid-July. Between June and November you can meet yet another mammoth visitor, the humpback whales.  If you are a turtle lover, late January – February, when it is the turtle nesting and hatching season is best for you! This under world wonderland experience costs from approximately AUS $ 193 – AUS $ 413.


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