Exploring Western Australia – Weather in Perth

Weather in Perth. Western Australia is an exciting region to explore. If you are planning to visit its capital, it is better to know what the weather in Perth is like.

Guide to weather in Perth

Perth weather

  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Index Forecast

Perth weather

Weather in Perth is made up of dry summers and mild winters. You can expect rain in winter along with thunderstorms. In summer it hardly ever rains.


Summer lasts from December to February in Perth. There is little rainfall in summer and the temperatures ranges from 17.5 – 30°C. Expect a little relief from hot and dry weather in the afternoon when a sea breeze fondly known as ‘Fremantle Doctor’ eases the heat.


Autumn lasts from March to May and you can enjoy sunny days that are a bit warm.  But nights are cooler. Temperatures in autumn ranges from 13.7 – 26°C and the atmosphere tends to be humid sometimes. You can expect occasional rain while temperatures drop below 10°C in the evening.


In winter, Perth experiences temperatures ranging from 8 – 19°C. While the weather tends to be wet and cool, you can expect occasional thunderstorms and downpours. Winter comes to Perth from June to August. Weather in Perth.


Spring which last from September to November in Perth, brings warm and sunny days along with it. Temperatures during this time of the year range from 11.7 – 23°C. Spring is a beautiful time in Perth with plenty of wildflowers blossoming in the nature reserves and national parks.

Ultraviolet (UV) Index Forecast

When you visit Perth, listen to the local weather reports to find out the daily UV radiation intensity. You can purchase sunscreen from any supermarket, convenience store or pharmacy to protect yourself from UV rays. Don’t forget to take a hat and sunglasses with you when you venture outside during the day.

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