Farm jobs for working holiday visa holders Western Australia

Why apply for Farm jobs for working holiday visa holders Western Australia? Most backpackers would have encountered the word Farm work during their travel. Working on a farm will give you the opportunity to work for another year in Australia and save up for the rest of your travels.

Benefits of Farm Work

Farm work can kind of seems to be hard at first but it can turn out to be the best time of your life. It will be a great way to meet new travel friends and get to the real outback and real Australia while topping your travel funds.

Requirements for Second Year Visa

Applying for the first-holiday visa is pretty straight forward. But the second year visa application process a bit more complicated. Your previous work should cover

  • Specific job types
  • Particular region
  • Amount of time

If you are looking to earn the second year visa you must have worked in Australia’s remote areas, possible jobs will usually include farm work. Work like harvesting vegetable, working with animals, planting trees will be accepted. Working in fishing boats, doing generic work on the farms, craftsmanship in the regional areas may also be accepted.

Finding Farm Work

You will be able to find work in the Wild West all year round. But it will depend on the region of your choice. You can find work in the summer in the South-western regions like Margret River and during the main season, you can find work in the North West like in Broome from the mouths of April to September.

You can work at wineries in the south while you can collect mangoes in the north. You could even find jobs in the fisheries.

Farm jobs for working holiday visa holders Western Australia: Worth the Experience

A farm job will come with rules and effort but it will all pay off at the end. The regional areas of Australia are spectacular. You can experience starry skies, jungles, waterfalls, and beaches while you work in this regional area.

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