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1.    Five Day trips from Perth

Although many tourists favour the more urbanised cities of Melbourne or Sydney for Perth, this is a fascinating city located on the West Coast of Australia. The city of Perth is the sunniest in the country and the weather is also awesome for tourists to consider enjoying themselves fully. There are many aspects for tourists to choose from when wondering about activities to do in Perth such as clubbing, vineyards, consuming great food, a city centre and breath-taking nature. So when considering opting for a 5 day trip from the city of Perth, there are many options to cram into these 5 days.

Day 1 Elizabeth Quay

Start off the trip by visiting the Elizabeth Quay to observe the great view. Then take a cruise along the Swan River where you will also be able to learn more history on Perth, eat from the famous Annalakshmi Restaurant so an amazing Indian buffet.

Day 2 Kings Park, Cottesloe, Fremantle

Visit the Perth cultural centre and the Kings Park as well. Watch the sunset at Cottesloe, which is a coastal suburb with a popular beach. To learn the main tales from the past, walk around in Fremantle, getting to know the past of the city. Visit the Fremantle Maritime Museum to learn the history of the town and eat lunch at the Moore and Moore Café.

Day 3 Fremantle Prison and Fremantle harbour

Then you can visit the Fremantle Prison and the harbour which is absolutely picturesque. Visit the Roundhouse, a crucial building in the convict aspect of the town. Finish off the day with a plate of crispy fish and chips.

Day 4 Visit Rottnest Island

Visit Rottnest Island via the ferry early in the morning enjoy many different activities to do there. Enjoy the different walking path, awesome beach and trails to follow on the island. Enjoy snorkelling and take a selfie with a quokka.

Day 5 Perth hills and Guildford

Visit the Perth hills on the final day of the tour by renting a car. Visit Guildford which is a town with lots of history to see including the Guildford hotel. Visit the Bolt Coffee Yard for the best coffee in Perth
All of these attractions are amazing and a must see for any tourist visiting the city. Here is the ideal itinerary for Perth, Australia. All you have to do now is to book your tickets!

2.    Five Day trips from Perth

This is an ideal holiday destination for visitors form different countries to come in and enjoy the different aspects of the country. Whether you are on a family oriented outing or on a backpacking tour, this specific itinery will be useful when deciding what to do in Perth.

Day 1 Adventure world

Visit Adventure world, which is the biggest theme park in the city of Perth. Here you can enjoy yourself to the fullest, screaming at the most frightening rollercoasters. You will also gain the opportunity to walk through Kings Park which has many different trails to follow, looking at the 2 amazing rivers on the way.

Day 2 Corica Pastries

Visit Corica Pastries, a favourite pastry shop to taste an amazing apple strudel among other desserts.  Gain the ability to soak up the atmosphere of a farmers market in Subiac, open on Saturday mornings. Visiting the zoo will also be an interesting aspect for tourists since they can see different Australian animals like alas, emus, kangaroos and quokkas.

Day 3 Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach has white sand like powder and waters which are crystal clear which has resulted in it becoming a very popular beach in Perth. Enjoy your visit to this beach and gain the opportunity for some awesome photo opportunities.

Day 4 Nambung National Park

Complete your journey into the wilderness by visiting the Nambung National Park, located a few hours away from Perth.  See the amazing Pinnacles Desert, which keeps changing its shape due to erosion.

Day 5 Lancelin and use a sand board

Visit Lancelin and use a sand board, and experience the amazing thrill of sandboarding down the sand dunes here. Have brunch at the restaurant called Sayer’s sisters, which is a hip café which offers many creative dishes. Also you can visit Rottnest Island where you will be able to see many quokkas who are simply adorable, the stunning bays and beaches which will also be able to effectively complete this one of a kind experience.
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