Fremantle Tours and Activities to Try Out

Fremantle Tours and Activities to Try Out: When it comes to checking out the lively city of Fremantle, there are plenty of cool tours and activities that you absolutely have to try if you’re an adventurous person. Fremantle has a lot to offer for everyone, from exploring the area’s history and culture to enjoying exciting outdoor activities.

Acknowledgement of Country

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.

This is eloquently supported by Sir David Attenborough when he says:


Street Art in Fremantle Photo By Ruby Shakir

Fremantle street art opposite Clancys fish restaurant and bar
Fremantle is Western Australia’s city of ART ans culture and freedom of thought. Fremantle street art opposite Clancys fish restaurant and bar photo by Ruby Shakir
This city appreciates the enormous contribution that street art gives to the town’s colour, energy, and ambiance. Photo Credit Ruby Shakir

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Canning Stock Route – Broome to Perth

Across Australia Tour – West to East

Fremantle Pioneer Explorer

Absolute Fremantle Tour

Whale Watch Experience ~ VIP Captains Lounge ~ PERTH

Across Australia Tour – West to East Inc. Finke Desert Race

Historic Fremantle Tour

Perth, Kings Park, Swan River and Fremantle Cruise

Perth, Kings Park, Swan River and Fremantle Cruise

Perth (City) Photography Workshop – Day & Night

Perth (City) Night Photography Workshop

Perth (Fremantle) Smartphone Photography Course

Perth (Fremantle) Private Photography Workshop

Perth (Fremantle) Photography Workshop – Day & Night

Perth (Fremantle) Night Photography Workshop

Fremantle Sunset Sail – 2hrs

Settlement Explorer Tour

Rottnest Island Dive or Snorkel

Carnac Island 1/2 Day Sail

Rottnest Island Deep Dives

Fortress Adventure

Whale Watch Experience ~ PERTH

Street Art WALK Tour

Perth (Fremantle) Day Photography Workshop

Street Art, Beers and Bikes





Bucks / Hens Party

4hr Adventure Tour & BBQ Lunch

2-3 Hr Whale Watching Tour

Skippered Yacht Charter

Bow Rider – Tow Yourself


Things to do in Fremantle today make sure you have the Safe WA APP on your mobile

Visit a Art Gallery in Fremantle What’s on at the Harbour Theatre Visit Rottnest Island
Whale Watching Experience What on at the Limelight theatre What’s on at the Roleystone Hall
Day trip to Lake Clifton Visit Fremantle Prison Rottnest Island Deep Dive
Why move to Perth and Fremantle WA Fremantle pubs Visit the Fremantle Markets
Visit Perth Zoo Visit the Round House Leighton Battery and Tunnels in Mosman
Fishing Boat Harbor Shipwreck Galleries School Holiday Specials Visit the Fremantle Arts Center
Visit South Mole Lighthouse North Mole Lighthouse Visit the Newport
Visit the Fremantle leisure center Memory Cafe Free things to do in Perth
The Army Museum of WA Cruise and water sports Picnic Spots in Fremantle
Day trip Perth to Fremantle E Shed Markets Hire a reserve for your wedding
Bird Watching Cinema in Fremantle Ten Pin Bowling
Have fish and chips at the Harbour Visit Captain Munchies Join a gym
The Tourist Wheel Holiday Specials Day trip to Serpentine Falls Day trip to Lancelin
Day trip to Mandurah Day trip to Rockingham Day trip to York
J-Shed Art Studios and Galleries Best Restaurants in Fremantle Monument Hill Park Fremantle
ART MAX Gallery Things to do in February Best Native restaurants in Fremantle
Visitors Guide to Femantle Visit the Serpentine Fall Visit Penguine Island
Day trips to Yenchep Day trip to Lancelin Dunes  


Fremantle is the world’s most eclectic and energetic coastal destination. Fremantle, also known as ‘Freo,’ is Perth’s historic district. It’s a coastal city with a character and soul, brimming with life, colour, and culture. Navigate a convergence of festivals, museums, UNESCO World Heritage sites, century-old markets, and a soundscape of sails and rigging in the sea breeze.

Things to do in Fremantle

Fremantle is overflowing with things to see and do. It’s a vibrant mix of colonial, convict, and indigenous history, heritage buildings, street art, quaint lane ways, quirky locals, gastronomic pleasures, natural sceneries, outdoor activities, and stunning islands. Take a tour or explore the city on your own. There are also numerous family-friendly activities.

Perth Day trips

Passenger ferries operate from the port, travelling to Rottnest Island, 22 kilometres off of the coast in the Indian Ocean, and upriver to Perth city centre. Fremantle’s free Central Area Transit (CAT) bus services are popular and practical ways to get around, with one service (Blue CAT) linking key points in the city and to Fremantle’s inner suburbs.

Getting Around Fremantle

Best native Australian restaurants in Perth

Fremantle is one of the easiest cities in the world to explore by foot or bike. The Fremantle Train Station is within walking distance of all major attractions, and the Fremantle CAT bus does regular circuits about the city, stopping at key points of interest and providing convenient access to major attractions and venues. Visitors can also hire a bike from the Fremantle Visitor Centre or join a guided tour.

Fremantle is a port city in Western Australia.

Located at the mouth of the Swan River in the metropolitan area of Perth, the state capital. Home to an array of exciting tourist destinations, a visit to the city will surely be an unforgettable memory.… So, why don’t you spend a few days of this upcoming June in Fremantle? Rest assured, we have made the research and compiled a list of top things to do in Fremantle. All you have to do is just pack your bags.

Here are our picks for things to do in Fremantle today

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison was once one of the most notorious prisons in the British Empire. It housed British convicts, local prisoners, military prisoners, enemy aliens and prisoners of war.

A classic example of a prison Fremantle Prison, sometimes referred to as Fremantle Gaol or Fremantle Jail, is a former Australian prison and World Heritage Site in Fremantle, Western Australia. The six-hectare (15-acre) site includes the prison cellblocks, gatehouse, perimeter walls, cottages, and tunnels. It was initially used for convicts transported from Britain, but was transferred to the colonial government in 1886 for use for locally-sentenced prisoners. Royal Commissions were held in 1898 and 1911, and instigated some reform to the prison system, but significant changes did not begin until the 1960s. The government department in charge of the prison underwent several reorganisations in the 1970s and 1980s, but the culture of Fremantle Prison was resistant to change. Growing prisoner discontent culminated in a 1988 riot with guards taken hostage, and a fire that caused $1.8 million worth of damage. The prison closed in 1991, replaced by the new maximum-security Casuarina Prison.

Fremantle Prison is a former Australian prison and World Heritage Site in Fremantle, Western Australia. The six-hectare site includes the prison cellblocks, gatehouse, perimeter walls, cottages, and tunnels. Initially used for convicts transported from Britain, and then was used for locally sentenced prisoners.

The Basin Australia’s Top Beach

The Basin is a popular swimming location on Rottnest Island, Western Australia. It is located in the northwest of the island, between Pinky Beach and Longreach Bay. It has been mentioned on the website of Tourism Western Australia, that The Basin has been awarded “Australia’s Top Beach” read more

Rottnest Island

Perth to Rottnest Island tour day trip
cosy winter getaway filled with adventure.

Diving at Rottnest Island The diversity of fish, coral species and shipwrecks in the waters around Rottnest Island make it one of the most fascinating dive sites to be found in such close proximity to a capital city. For this reason, many dive operators based on the mainland conduct day trips and dives at Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Island also known as Wadjemup to the local Noongar people is an island off the coast of Western Australia, and an A-class Reserve. Located 18 kilometers west of Fremantle, it is a sandy, low-lying island formed on a base of aeolianite limestone.

The Aboriginal Prison of Rottnest Island

The stunning holiday location of Rottnest Island once served as an Aboriginal prison. … The colonial expansion saw it as an Aboriginal prison (until 1904) and subsequently as a forced labour camp for prisoners (until 1931). It housed Aboriginal convicts who did not comprehend or respect the British legal system.

The Prisoners

Around 4,000 Aboriginal men and boys from all over Western Australia were incarcerated on Rottnest Island.… The first ten were brought in 1838.  Many of these prisoners were transported in chains for thousands of miles before they were to start their sentence. During the operating period around 370 Aboriginal prisoners died. Most deaths were due to disease, while five were hanged.

Prisoners from Swan River Colony 

The Noongar people who originally lived here were baffled by the European settlers’ class structures, wealth status and religious dogmas. … They became confused and disconcerted as they took up resistance (violent or otherwise) as a way of survival. The main area of conflict was, and still is, the land.

Prisoners from Other Regions

The Rottnest Aboriginal prison also housed prisoners from many places of Western Australia.… As the colonial frontier spread further north and east from Perth, more and more Aboriginal prisoners were brought here.  The Southwest, the Goldfields, Murchison, Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley are some of those areas of prisoners.


Fremantle Prison was once one of the most notorious prisons in the British Empire. It housed British convicts, local prisoners, military prisoners, enemy aliens and prisoners of war.

The Southwest: The Noongar people live in the Southwest of Australia. This is the area from Geraldton on the west coast to Esperance on the south coast. This Noongar country was home to the following 14 groups;

1. Amangu    2. Ballardong    3. Yued 4. Kaneang 
5. Koreng 6. Mineng 7. Njakinjaki  8. Njunga
9. Pibelmen 10. Pindjarup 11. Wardandi 12. Whadjuk
13. Wiilman 14. Wudjari    

The Eastern Goldfields:  The Eastern Goldfields of the Goldfields-Esperance is home to the following groups of native people.  They spoke the Wongi or Wongatha/ Wangatha language as a collective.

1. Maduwongga 2. Waljen   36. Ngurlutjarra 4. Ngaanyatjarra
5. Bindinni  6. Madatjarra 7. Koara (Kuwarra)  8. Tjalkatjarra

Murchison and Gascoyne:  The Yamatji (or Yamaji) and Wadjarri people lived in the Murchison and Gascoyne regions of Western Australia.

Pilbara:  The Yindjibarndi people traditionally lived in the towns of Roebourne, Port Hedland and Karratha of Pilbara.

Kimberley:  The native people of Kimberley lived here from 1870s and spoke a variety of languages as follows;

  1.  Garadjeri type:  Nyangamada, Garadjeri, Mangala, Yaoro, Djungun, Ngombal, Djaberadjabera and Nyulnyul.
  1. Bardi type:  Patrilineal local descent groups, Warwar, Nimanburu, Ongarang and Djaul Djaui.
  1. Ungarinyin type:  Patrilineal, Umedi, Wungemi, Worora, Wunumbul.

The Journey to Rottnest Aboriginal Prison

The convicts started a trying journey to the island prison from where they were arrested.…The journey often took several days.  The prisoners travelled in chains or ropes with no change of clothing.  At times they were escorted by boat or held in captivity for many days until a ship arrived.  An estimated 25 prisoners have died while in transit to Rottnest Island.

Infrastructure of the Prison

The Panopticon-style prison was constructed in 1863 by using the forced labour of thousands of Aboriginal prisoners.… Some of these prisoners were as young as eight.  The prison contained small cells (3m X 1.7m), to hold up to 7 persons.  At times more than 12 were accommodated in one cell.  The burial ground of the prison is located within the Thomson Bay Settlement, adjacent to the Quod.

Buildings and Structures Constructed by the Prisoners

Aboriginal prisoners were used to build roads and other infrastructure till 1931. … The Quod, Seawall, the museum, churches, lighthouses and other heritage-listed buildings and structures were constructed by the Aboriginal prisoners.

Closure of the Prison

The Rottnest Island Aboriginal Prison officially closed in 1904. … Subsequently, it was transformed into a forced labour camp. In 1931, much of the prison’s infrastructure was developed and converted for use as holiday accommodation. Over time, such development obscured the former use of the venue.

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Best Things To Do In Fremantle Today – Plan A Day Trip To Rockingham!

Day Trip to Rockingham

There are over 200 local bottlenose dolphins that live amongst the sheltered waters of Rockingham’s bays & islands that we’ve come to know as friends. They don’t perform tricks and we don’t feed them, we simply spend some time enjoying each other’s company!

If you are exploring Fremantle on a quickie weekend break with the mates, make sure to plan a day trip to Rockingham. One of the best things to do in Fremantle today! And here’s why.

Discover The Amazing Beaches Of Rockingham

Amongst the best things to do in Fremantle today is the choice of being a total beach bum! And if that is your plan, a day trip to Rockingham will do more than encourage you! So, gather your brood of friends and head out to Rockingham on a day trip and you won’t be disappointed. Amongst the best beaches in Rockingham are;

  • Port Kennedy Beach
  • Warnbro Beach
  • Safety Bay Beach
  • Shoalwater Bay 

The best things to do in Fremantle are day trips and beach hopping is top on the list.

Explore Penguin Island Amongst Top Activities To Do In Fremantle

You are going to fall in love with penguin island. And it’s not all about ‘penguins’. Because of its diverse attractions there are activities to suit every budget. Even those shoe-string budgets many young visitors to Fremantle seem to be enjoying themselves on. By the way, a quick tip for young adults seeking to work and explore Fremantle, there are many interesting job vacancies you can fill with help from an Australian visa consultant. Explore your options here:

Fun Activities For Young Adults On Penguin Island

The best fun activities around Fremantle are at Penguin Island. Because in addition to encountering over 17 species of penguins from amongst the 1200 living on the island. You get to kayak, set off on dolphin and sea lion spotting tours, and take kite boarding lessons for loads of fun adventures on a Fremantle holiday for young adults. Learn more here:

Top Things To Do In Fremantle Today For Young Adults – Chill At Luna Palace On SX

Let loose the artsy side of you, or even the movie loving fan and enjoy the latest flics screening at Fremantle’s Luna Palace On SX. A top Fremantle attraction this quaint cinema is an iconic Freo experience. And catching a movie there is amongst top things to do in Fremantle today, here’s why!

Overview Of Luna Palace On SX

The cinema is tucked between Essex and Norfolk Street! A gem of an attraction in Fremantle, this place ranks amongst best experiences in Freo! Enjoy the ambience which offers a private cinema type feel. Plus, there is a spacious outdoor screening area where snacks and drinks are provided, to relax in true Freo style. Hence, a top hangout for young adults visiting Fremantle.

Enjoy A Movie And Day Out Exploring The Best Attractions In Fremantle

Freo has so much to offer. And those of you visiting the port city to catch a show at Luna Palace On SX, should definitely make it a full day out in Freo with friends! Apart for enjoying the vintage ambience and entertainment at the cinema, you get to experience the best attractions Fremantle has to offer. Beaches, art galleries, live music and buskers galore!

Easy Access To Luna Palace On SX Makes It A Top Place To Chill Out In Fremantle

The cinema is located just 5 minutes from the Fremantle Train Station. Perfect don’t you think for those quick weekend getaways with the gang! Oh, and did you know the cinema has its own licensed lounge, in case you want to hang back and savour the experience, as well as, the show! Enjoy live theatre, arthouse films and mainstream cinema there.Learn more about Luna Palace On SX and what’s screening here:

Best Things To Do In Fremantle Today – What’s The Hype About The Fremantle Leisure Centre?

Want to unwind relax and cool down? Then you must check out the Fremantle Leisure Centre. Because chilling there is one of the best things to do in Fremantle today. 

The Fremantle Leisure Centre Is A Good Place To Chill

A recent facelift has given the recreation centre a whole new look. Hence, this place offers some of the best things to do in Fremantle today. And you get to use state of the art facilities while enjoying a day off with family or friends. 

If you are looking for the best things to do in Fremantle today, chances are the Freo Leisure Centre will have some pretty good options. Besides, getting to the place is a breeze. Because the Fremantle free CAT bus service has a stop right outside the place. In addition to being conveniently placed close to the train station. 

Why Is The Fremantle Leisure Centre A Top Attraction In Freo?

Well, for starters the leisure centre boasts 4 covered pools, and they are heated! The covered 0.2 metre depth leisure pool is perfect for families, for instance. And a favourite feature there is the giant froggy slide. But that’s not all, there’s a yellow slide and water guns for oodles of fun.

Fremantle Leisure Centre The Best Place For Young Adults 

The lap pool at the Fremantle Leisure Centre is popular amongst young adults looking for fun things to do in Fremantle. You can not only enjoy a few laps but also spend time at the gym. Which is equipped with a creche in case you’re a parent looking for some alone time.

Stop For A Bite At The Leisure Café

If swimming gets your tummy rumbling, the Leisure Café offers some tasty solutions. The perfect place to relax after your workout and enjoy good food. Such as, sandwiches, lovely hot food, protein shakes, refreshing juices and coffee. Plus, your favourite ice cream!

Best Things To Do In Fremantle Today – Top Fremantle Day Trips

Find the best things to do in Fremantle today. Fremantle day trips are amongst the best things to do in Freo and here are some examples of the best day trips from Fremantle.

Listed amongst the best things to do in Fremantle today the Swan River kayak tour is fine example. Because you get to explore the water between Perth and Freo. Besides, the roundtrip is perfect for when you want to get away from city life. Because photo opportunities abound on this trip. And you get to cruise along and share the waterway with pelicans, ducks, swans while appreciating the gorgeous views. 

Since you are taught to learn the basics of paddling and manoeuvring your kayak, these tours are aimed at amateurs too. Plus, you will be accompanied by a certified instructor. 

Check out: Water Wanderers for the best experience. 

Best Day Excursion In Fremantle – Aquarium Of Western Australia (AQWA)

Discover the exotic marine life of Western Australia as you explore 1200kms of coastline in one day. Your journey takes you from the chilly waters of the South Ocean to gorgeous coral reefs in the North. As a result, you discover sharks, turtles, sting rays and a myriad of coral fish. 

And because AQWA is Australia’s largest aquarium’ it’s made up of coral lagoons, ancient reefs and sandy bays. For more details get in touch with AQWA

Things to do in Perth Aquarium Aboriginal Art Wildlife and Beaches

The aquarium specializes in marine animals that inhabit the 12,000-kilometre (7,500 mi) long coastline of Western Australia. In total AQWA holds over 4,000,000 litres (1,057,000 US gal) of water and is home to approximately 400 species of marine life, including more than 4,000 fish. AQWA is themed as an underwater journey along W.A.’s coastline and is broken up into 5 distinct areas. Each area represents the unique marine life and environments of different regions along W.A.’s coast. These include: The Great Southern, the Shipwreck Coast, the Perth Coast, the Far North and Marmion Marine Park.

Perth’s Theme Park The Best Day Trip From Fremantle

Soak up the sun and have loads of fun exploring Perth’s only Them Park. Adventure World is a Theme Park cum Water Park. Therefore, it’s a top attraction in Fremantle. And this place will entertain the entire family. For example, savour the thrills of Abyss a demonic rollercoaster ride, slide along WA’s tallest and longest water tunnel and enjoy some of the best adventures in Fremantle today!

Things to Do In Fremantle If You Are 50 Plus

Fremantle is a port city in WA, only 30 minutes from Perth. Blending the old with the new, Fremantle never fails to entertain its visitors with an enriching experience. From its art culture, music, food, spectacular beaches to its temperate climate, Fremantle has many things to offer even seniors. So here is a list of the few best and safe things you can do in Fremantle if you’re 50+.

Esplanade Park

Things to do in Fremantle for the over 50’s in Fremantle include taking a walk on the Esplanade park. It is a public reserve in Fremantle, Western Australia. Situated on Marine Terrace and opposite the Esplanade Hotel, the reserve features about 100 mature Norfolk Island pines and the Explorers’ Monument. The park has also been called Fremantle Esplanade as well as Fremantle Oval.

The Fremantle Markets

The Fremantle Markets is a public market located on the corner of South Terrace and Henderson Street, Fremantle, Western Australia and is a treat for shopholics.

Fremantle Prison

You can enjoy a tour of the Fremantle Prison which is sometimes referred to as Fremantle Gaol or Fremantle Jail. It is a former Australian prison and World Heritage Site in Fremantle, Western Australia. The six-hectare site includes the prison cellblocks, gatehouse, perimeter walls, cottages, and tunnels. 

Address: 1 The Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

The Round House

Things to do in Fremantle for the over 50’s in Fremantle  includes visiting The Round House. It was the first permanent building built in the Swan River Colony. Built in late 1830 and opened in 1831, it is the oldest building still standing in Western Australia. 

Address: 15 Captains Ln, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

It is a marina in Fremantle, Western Australia adjacent to the more recently constructed Challenger Harbour. It provides large sheltered mooring areas, wharf space for vessels up to 60 metres, refuelling facilities and support services to the Fremantle fishing industry.

Address: Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Things to do in Fremantle Today WA

Fremantle offers a wide variety of dining experiences, with a strong emphasis on Italian and Asian cuisine as well as seafood. Various cafés and coffee shops are situated around Fremantle, particularly on the ‘Cappuccino Strip’, a section of South Terrace known for its al fresco dining culture.

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