How to become an Australian citizen

Get smart about moving down under with Australian migration advice from professionals in the know How to become an Australian citizen. The research has begun and now you’ve entered the mind field that is emigration to Australia. The team at have done it before and seen it all. We know the pressure, excitement, questions … Read more

Moving to Australia from the UK


Are you thinking of moving to Australia from the UK? In the last century particularly since the 1950’s many British people have made Australia home. Australia continues to be a major destination for British people, the weather the vast spaces and the opportunities are many. Located near major world market Australia with its minerals, vast … Read more

Australia Backpacker Students Temporary skilled Visa Holders

Festivals in Western Australia - Breakfest

Who Can Come Into Australia? Holders of specified visas can now travel to Australia without being subject to quarantine. There are continuous domestic initiatives that differ from one state to the next. This important reform permits eligible visa holders who have been completely vaccinated to visit Australia without the need for a travel exemption. Australia … Read more

The Australian Emigration Checklist: Don’t Leave Home Without a Plan


Since 1945, more than 7.5 million people have moved to Australia according to parliamentary figures. Historically, the UK has been the primary starting location of migrants, but 2011 saw Chinese nationals relocate Oz. Today, China and the UK remain the most abundant sources of ex-pats, which means Brits are in good company when they opt … Read more

What you learn when you first emigrate to Australia from Ireland

Emigrating to Australia from Ireland

As intimidating as it may be, emigrating to Australia from Ireland has a light-hearted side when you slightly adjust your perspective. Here are the things that you invariably learn when you first move to Australia. You will think about the costs Your brain begins to turn out elementary maths problems throughout the day. You are … Read more

Shipping Your Belongings To Australia Checklist

Shipping Your Belongings To Australia Checklist Immigrating to Australia can seem like a vast task, but with plenty of preparation there are relatively stress free ways to make the move downunder getting you ready for your new Aussie lifestyle. Read our Australia shipping checklist below and start making your move to Australia today: 1. Only … Read more

Skilled visa for Australia

Due to the developed infrastructure and the standard of living, Australia is one of the top destinations for immigration. Hence, a massive number of people are applying for various types of visas annually. As the job opportunities in Australia are high and the salary is high, many people are motivated to immigrate to Australia for … Read more

Health care professions Planning to migrate to Australia

Are you a nurse or a doctor? Planning to work in Australia? Health care professions Planning to migrate to Australia The good news is that you have plenty of opportunities in Australia since there is a rising demand for health care professional due to aging population. So if you have the required qualifications and experience … Read more

Moving to Australia: Removals


Moving to Australia: Removals There are a number of ways to transport your personal items to Australia when migrating to Perth. Each method is different and each has its place. Checked in Baggage The first option for moving your personal belongings is your checked in baggage with your airline. The amount of checked in baggage … Read more

Sri Lankan Students in Australian Universities

Spousal Partner Married Visa for Sydney Australia

Sri Lankan Students in Australian Universities Australia is a popular destination for students from Sri Lanka. In fact, Australia holds the biggest expat community of Sri Lankans outside of Sri Lanka with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) reporting that there are 50, 000+ Sri Lankans in Australia. Of these 50,000 Sri … Read more