Hipster bars in Northbridge, Perth

Cover photo The Ezra Pound

Perth, a haven for hipsters

Hipster bars in Northbridge, Perth   Perth’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and gorgeous beaches are a sanctuary for hipsters. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a few hipster adventures, go no further than the places on our list below. Discover where the local hipsters go to get their afternoon drinks and quietly turn your pretentiousness up to the max, because these are the best hipster bars in Northbridge, Perth.

Mechanics Institute

Established in 2012 the Mechanics Institute bar is a nod to the Institutes of the 1800s where vocational training courses were conducted for adults.  Snuggled amid the rooftops of heritage buildings,  the Mechanics Institute lies in Northbridge. In terms of the historical value of this pub, it’s a gem of a heritage building which has been beautifully restored. Its split level designed deck is absolutely perfect to spend a quiet evening with friends over a pint of some finely crafted beer, artisan wine or cocktails. Burgers are big here and taste absolutely delicious. Flipside burger orders are perhaps the most sought after item on the menu and can be ordered from the bar itself.  

Address: 6000 (entry rear laneway), 222 William St, Northbridge WA 6000, Australia

Ezra Pound

While there are plenty of bars in Perth, styled after the American Prohibition era, Ezra Pound is an experience all together. In fact, if prohibition was still enforced, guests would be in the safest place, as this pub in Perth is not known to many and is quite hard to find. Hidden in a narrow laneway, the pub is accessible only through a car park. Named after a London based British poet, the bar is big on cocktails. The barstaff are more than happy to pour out any request that’s not on the menu. Hungry guests can find satisfying nibbles to go down with their drinks. Beer bottles are served up in paper bags, to add that touch of quirkiness that comes with the ambience. Here, amid the graffiti smeared walls of Ezra Pound’s laneway, guest will taste some unusual brands such as Kooinda Valhalla Ale. The crowd is a mixed bag, but the experience is definitely out of this world.

Address189 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia 

The Bird

The Bird pub comes with a bit of history. Its walls of exposed brick have housed bands and DJs, earning it a name as a popular live music hang out. Guests should not be put off with its size, and once inside, one begins to understand why it’s perhaps the coolest bar in Perth. During the 1920s the buildings’ present day courtyard was once home to a brothel which was later then converted to a butchery. The charring from the smoked beef and other meats are still visible on the walls. In 2010 the place took on its current theme of the hippest live music venue in Perth. It’s a convivial atmosphere that pervades the ambiance at The Bird pub especially in its open air spaces. This is definitely a place not to be missed and comes with some attitude.

Address181 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

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