Hop on Hop Bus is a Great Way Perth to Broome Tours

Hop on Hop Bus is a Great Way Perth to Broome Tours This Winter

About the Hop on Hop off Bus Pass

The pass is ideal for the independent traveller/s who don’t wish to be tied to a tour group.  There’s nothing like a trip where you have the freedom to stay in each place for a time determined by you and to see and do the things that you wish to see and do. If you’ve been looking for a great way to see the fantastic west coast of Australia, our Hop on Hop off pass is the ideal solution.

There are many forms of travel which can be utilised to see the best in Western Australia. Most travellers leave from either Perth or Broome, heading up or down the coast to see the best that the west coast has to offer. One way to travel which in particular is becoming increasingly popular because of the endless perks is the Hop on Hop off service with Integrity Coach Lines.

Hop on Hop Bus is a Great Way Perth to Broome Tours NORTHBOUND – COASTAL SERVICES
IC15 IC09 IC09
Midland Train Station   6:00pm   6:00pm   6:00pm
Perth Wellington Street   7:00pm   7:00pm   7:00pm
Joondalup, Winton Rd Park Bay on request stop   7:30pm   7:30pm   7:30pm
Lancelin YHA, Hopkins Street on request stop   9:00pm   9:00pm    9:00pm
Cervantes Post Office on request stop   9:50pm   9:50pm    9:50pm
Jurien Bay Caltex Roadhouse Arr: 10:10pm 10:10pm 10:10pm
Dep: 10:40pm 10:40pm 10:40pm
Greenhead General Store on request stop 10:55pm 10:55pm 10:55pm
Leeman Roadhouse on request stop 11:10pm  11:10pm  11:10pm
Continues WEDNESDAY Continues
Dongara Visitor Centre on request stop 12:20am  12:20am 12:20am
Geraldton Railway Station   1:20am   1:20am   1:20am
440 Puma Roadhouse Arr:   1:30am   1:30am   1:30am
Dep:   2:00am   2:00am   2:00am
Northampton Visitor Centre   2:25am   2:25am   2:25am
Binnu General Store (Kalbarri turn-off)  78 kms from town/ on request stop / Shuttle service required   2:55am   2:55am   2:55am
Billabong Roadhouse on request stop   4:35am   4:35am   4:35am
Overlander Roadhouse (Monkey Mia turn-off) 129 kms from town/ shuttle service required Arr:   4:55am   4:55am   4:55am
Dep:   5:10am   5:10am   5:10am
Wooramel Roadhouse on request stop   5:55am   5:55am   5:55am
Carnarvon Visitor Centre Arr:   7:20am   7:20am   7:20am
Dep:   8:00am   8:00am   8:00am
Minilya Roadhouse on request stop   9:30am   9:30am   9:30am
Coral Bay, Ningaloo Club Arr: 10:30am  10:30am 10:30am
Dep: 11:00am  11:00am 11:00am
Learmonth Airport on request stop 12:20pm  12:20pm 12:20pm
Exmouth – Carpark next to Federation Park Arr: 12:45pm  12:45pm 12:45pm
Dep:   1:15pm    1:15pm   1:15pm
Nanutarra Roadhouse Arr:   4:25pm    4:25pm   4:25pm
Dep:   4:55pm    4:55pm   4:55pm
Onslow T/O on request stop (81 kms from Onslow)   N/A    5:25pm   5:25pm
Pannawonica T/O on request stop   N/A    6:10pm   6:10pm
Fortesque River Roadhouse on request stop   N/A    6:50pm   6:50pm
Parabardoo Milkbar Arr:   7:55pm   N/A   N/A
Dep:   8:25pm   N/A   N/A
Tom Price Tourist Park on request stop   9:20pm   N/A   N/A
Tom Price Visitor Park on request stop Arr:   9:25pm   N/A   N/A
Dep:   9:45pm   N/A   N/A
Karratha, Welcome Road Arr:   N/A   8:05pm   8:05pm
Dep:   N/A   8:20pm   8:20pm
Roebourne, (opposite The Vic Hotel)   N/A   8:45pm   8:45pm
Whim Creek T/O on request stop   N/A   9:45pm   9:45pm
Karijini Drive & Great Northern Hwy (Tom Price turn off) 120km 10:55pm   N/A   N/A
Auski Roadhouse Arr: 11:15pm   N/A   N/A
Dep: 11:30pm   N/A   N/A
Continues TUESDAY
South Hedland PUMA Arr:   2:20am 10:55pm 10:55pm
Dep:   3:00am 11:25pm 11:25pm
South Hedland Shopping Centre   3:05am 11:30pm 11:30pm
Port Hedland Visitor Centre   3:35am* 11:50pm 11:50pm
Continues THURSDAY Continues
Pardoo Roadhouse on request stop   N/A   1:25am   1:25am
Sandfire Roadhouse Arr:   N/A   2:50am   2:50am
Dep:   N/A   2:55am   2:55am
Bidyadanga T/O on request stop   N/A   4:10am   4:10am
Roebuck Plains Roadhouse on request stop (Greyhound connection)   N/A   5:35am   5:35am
Broome Visitor Centre Arr:   6:10am   6:10am

On request stop – please pre-book these stops to avoid disappointment
N/A – Not Applicable (this coach does not go to that departure point)
* The IC15 service is a circle route that continues on the IC16 southbound.  Passengers can travel Perth to Karratha or Tom Price to Perth by staying on the same coach and going around the circle ie: view the IC16 southbound service as a continuation of the IC15 northbound service.

Timetable valid as at March 2020.

Here are some reasons why we think the Hop on Hop off service is a great way to see the West Coast of Australia.

Hop on Hop Bus is a Great Way Perth to Broome Tours Travel with freedom

One of the greatest aspects to highlight with the Hop on Hop off service with Integrity Coach Lines is the freedom of choice it offers you. Simply because once a ticket is booked you are then able to go wherever you want, whenever you want. So rather than planning around a trip before you get started, this service enables you to plan on the move, staying at any location for an as long or shorter time as you may wish.

Best Backer Tour deal  Travelling on a budget

The cost of a ticket is considerably cheaper than the other forms of travel, such as flights, which actually restrains you from the chance to see many attractions and of course travel by car, both of which are nowhere close to being as cost-effective as the Hop on Hop Off service. As a result, you’ll have extra pennies to use with enjoying your time rather than endlessly paying for getting from A to B.

Meet like-minded backpackers

Whether you are travelling as a lone wolf or as an adventuring pack, you will have the opportunity to meet many different individuals and will form incredible friendships with those who are also travelling on the Hop on Hop Off service. Like a convoy of explorers who are all embarking on a great adventure, what could be better foundations to form new friendships and you can even coordinate your journey to continue to travel up the west coast with your newly found like-minded friends.

Ultimately, all travellers want to find a way to make the most out of their pennies and create the maximum amount of great experiences with the way in which they travel. This is why so many travellers are now turning to Integrity Coach Lines Hop on Hop off service, to ensure the greatest Western Australia adventure.

Get Your Hop on Hop off Ticket At www.integritycoachlines.com.au


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