How to Get a Skilled Visa to Australia

You can apply for a permanent Australian visa, such as a Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 for which you will need to hold certain qualifications, work experience and language ability requirements to be granted a skilled migrant visa in Australia. The Australian government changes the types of skilled occupations on the requisite lists from time to time. These changes reflect the shifting supply and demand for particular skills in Australia.

The Requirements for an Australia Skilled Visa Are as Follows:

  • Age – you must be under 45 when you apply;
  • English language – you should have sufficient ability in the English language to work in Australia (at least at a competent level);
  • Nominated occupation – when you apply you nominate a skilled occupation, which fits your skills and qualifications. This occupation must be found on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List;
  • Skills assessment – before you apply, you must have your skills assessed by the Australian assessing authority designated to assess your nominated occupation (which will usually have specific qualifications requirements);
  • Health assessment – you should be of reasonably good health and all applicants must have their health assessed by a panel doctor and undergo a medical examination; and
  • Character assessment – you should be of good character and this too will be assessed.

Expression of Interest

Before an application can be made, an expression of interest to the Department of Home Affairs must be submitted.  Department of Home Affairs requires that all expressions of interest should be completed using the SkillSelect portal online.

You may only nominate one occupation when you lodge your expression of interest. The nominated occupation must be the same occupation that was listed on your positive skills assessment. If you meet the number of points required and the caps have not been reached for your nominated occupation, you will receive an invitation in the next invitation rounds.

Applying for the Skilled Migrant Visa

Once you have completed the application, you will be required to pay the visa application charge. It is only upon payment of the visa fee that the Department of Home Affairs will consider your application to be made. Once lodged you will be required to attach electronic copies of your documents. To find out what is required, go to the Department of Home Affairs document checklists for the Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 and the Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190.

The Common Pitfalls

  • Not supplying relevant and complete information on their visa applications
  • Lying on their applications and committing fraud
  • Not having the money to support yourself in Australia
  • Unable to prove that you can speak, write and understand enough English to meet requirements
  • Inability to meet the health requirements
  • Not of good character and not a law-abiding citizen

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