Migrating to Australia – Carpenters Guide

Within this article we will be listing some helpful tips for working as a carpenter in Australia. Although there has been a slight dip in recruitment, there is a housing and construction boom on the East Coast major cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and The Gold Coast areas, providing more opportunities for qualified carpenters migrating to Australia. 

Why Become a Carpenter?

Carpentry could be a good job for you if you like making things with your hands and working with your hands. The need for skilled carpenters is never going to go away. You will likely find employment on construction sites or in home renovation and remodeling projects. Learn to cut, measure, and shape timber in several ways as a carpenter. You’ll also learn how to put together various sorts of woodwork throughout the course of your career. The majority of carpenters have a great deal of satisfaction in the job that they do. Being a carpenter is a fulfilling profession that requires a high level of expertise, and there are a lot of businesses looking for carpenters in your area right now.

White Card

If you are a qualified carpenter back in your home country, the first thing you should do is to apply for a White Card. This is essential if you want to work in the construction industry, as anyone that works on a construction site in Australia is required to do construction induction training and get their White Card. This is a health and safety requirement and can be applied for online.

Get Your Own Tool Kit

  • Drill and Driver
  • Tool belt
  • Chisel Set
  • Hammer
  • Nail gun

It is possible to buy these second hand. Carpenter upgrade their tool kit from time to time or they may be returning to their home country and cannot take the tools with them due to airline baggage cost.
The Australian Government announced on the 18th of April 2017 that the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457 visa) will be abolished and replaced with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa in March 2018.

There Will Be Three Options Available Under This New TSS Visa Program:

  • Short-term Stream
  • Medium-term stream
  • Labour Agreement Stream

For more information about these visas call us to discuss your Individual case.

What is Required for a Skills Australia Assessment Program?

  • An applicant must have trade qualification which are recognised as being equal to Australian qualification.
  • An applicant must have 3 years of work experience
  • The applicant must also show that they have worked in their field for at least one year out of the last three.

Can a Person Study Carpentry in Australia?

Yes this is possible, as it’s a required trade once qualified you may be able to get a visa and stay on permanently in Australia.

What UK Qualification is Equivalent to the Australian Qualification for a Carpenter?

A UK city and guilds level 2 may be considered comparable to an AQF level 3 under certain circumstances. This is judged on a case by case basis depending on the content of the course studied. Sometimes partial experience exemption can be given in term of work experience.

What Will My Earnings Be as a Carpenter?

If you have your own tools you can expect to earn between $45 and $65 depending on your experience.

What is the Best Way to Get a Job?

We recommend you go to a site and ask around, you will soon find out who needs workers.
Networking is a good way however there are recruitment websites where you can find work.

Where are the Carpenter Jobs in Australia?

At present the East Coast of Australian is a better place to look, cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The West Coast is still suffering from the mining recession so it’s to best to stay clear.

Are You Eligible for an Australia Visa?

Have you taken a our free Australian Visa assessment online? If you are considering moving to Australia as a skilled migrant but feel uncertain of your validity, use our free Australian visa assessment today and your online assessment will be sent straight to one of our Australian Migration Agents in the UK who will review your eligibility. All our Australian Migration Agents are MARA approved and registered meaning you’re in good trustworthy hands from day one. Please note that we do get a number of applications daily so please do bare with us if you don’t get a reply straight away. We may give priority to applicants who we believe will be a successful with their visa application so please keep an eye on your emails for an email from our team.+

My Company is Unable to Sponsor Me Anymore. What Are My Alternatives?

You must locate a new employer willing to sponsor you within 60 days of the day on which your services are terminated, starting from the date on which your services are terminated. A 482-visa transfer is normally required in order to accommodate the new job. 

You must file a new nomination and visa application (if your current one is about to expire) within 60 days after terminating your job with the most recent employer that sponsored your immigration to the country. You may want to consider alternative visa options if you are unable to locate a new employment. These include visas for skilled migration, spouse migration, and student migration.

Is it anything you’ve been thinking about, the possibility of traveling to Australia to work as a carpenter? Obtaining accurate information on immigrating to Australia as a carpenter may be very difficult, and at the best of times, the material is more perplexing than useful. A handbook on skilled migration for carpenters has been put up by our team.

In spite of the recent modifications to the Australian 457 Visa program, Carpenter employment in Australia are still in great demand. There has been no true halt to the 457 Visa program; rather, it is transitioning to the new Temporary Skills Shortage Visas (TSS).

Carpenter for Rough Framing

Wood and other materials, such as steel studs, are used in the construction of the primary structure of a home or commercial building. In the construction industry, a rough frame carpenter is in charge of creating structures from the ground up. This includes the construction of the floor, walls, stairs, and roof structure.

Trim the Final Product

Cabinets, door jambs, doors, baseboard trim, door & window casing, fireplace mantels, stair treads, ballisters, and even closet shelving units are all included in this work description.

Cabinet Maker is a Job Title

A cabinet maker’s tasks include the design, construction, and installation of cabinets, furniture, and speciality objects made of a variety of different materials and finishes.

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